Another Two Promos

This is the second promo this month with an international theme.  All romance, 35 books, but does include samples and partials. International Romance Yet another promo with no image. This is a Paranormal & Fantasy Romance ​sale​.  But one with a difference.  All the books are "wide" -- that is, they're not in Kindle Unlimited.  So

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Vampire Romances, $3.99 and under.

Vampire Romances, $3.99 and under If the header image looks familiar to you, you're not going mad.  There was a vampire romance sale running from August 1-15.  Now there is another sale running August 15-30, with different authors and books participating.  If you like your heroes undead, don't miss out on the new crop of

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Short Summer Sizzlers

This is a very short promo! It also features shorter quickies. Don't miss out. Check it out now. SHORT SUMMER SIZZLERS Cheers, here Massive 100th Book Giveaway! 124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets a gift. Enter here. [Ends July 24th, 2019]

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Romance Giveaways & Deals!

Romance Giveaways & Deals! More BookFunnel goodness for July: This one is a sale, but it's an interesting sale: Everything available in the collection is a boxed series. As series boxed sets are already cheaper than buying the entire series in individual titles, that means that the discounts available via this sale are discounts on discounts. So there

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Vampire Lovin’ – Discounted Romances.

Vampire Lovin' - Discounted Romances. Seventeen vampire paranormal romances, from authors such as Kate Bonham, Mary Abshire, Kellie McAllen, Tia Didmon, R.L. Kenderson, Julie Anne Addicott, Anna Applegate, Georgia Carter Mathers, Adom Sample, Nikki Landis, Zara Zenia, Keira Blackwood, Valerie Twombly and D.D. Miers, on sale until the end of the month. Oh, and one

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Easter Days With Historical Fun

There is an Easter Historical books sale happening on BookFunnel -- it's only for a few days and finished on April 22, and it features only a handful of books, too. There's at least one Regency, a Victorian, Pirates, Vikings, and a Renaissance era, at least. Some interesting covers for sure! Easter Days with Historical

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Fantasy Sales Promo

There's a BookFunnel promo running at the moment that is a little different. It's a sale, not a giveaway. All the books in the sale are discounted in some way. My book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, for example, retails for $6.99, because it's a George R.R. Martin length epic. During the sale it's available for

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