PNR & SFR Giveaways.

PNR & SFR Giveaways & Deals. More goodies for July. 120 titles, including fantasy romance. July Fantasy Extravaganza The "hot" in the title is to do with the time of the year, not the books on offer, which are all romance, across all spectrums of heat.  So there will be some super-sexy titles on offer.  If

Multiple Giveaways and Sales on BookFunnel, Starting Today

Multiple Giveaways and Sales on BookFunnel, Starting Today Lots of goodies happening on Bookfunnel, starting today. June Deals This sale doesn't have a header image (alas). There are 18 sizzling, sexy romance books, all priced at 99 cents. You may not have realized that these BookFunnel sales are often the onlyplace you can acquire books at

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Fantasy Sales Promo

This is not a giveaway of free books, but don't click away too fast -- there are some great books in this promo, and many of them are deeply discounted, including my own very long book, The Branded Rose Prophecy, which is on for 50% off. Sale ends May 8th. Jump to the Fantasy Sales Promo on BookFunnel Cheers,