kitty purWhat do you think?

If you’re reading this post via newsfeed or email, you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m asking you.  So hop over to the actual site, here, and look.

Mark has spent nearly six months rebuilding the site from scratch, behind the scenes, with a lot of help from Dar Albert, who has been working on the wonderful graphics on the various book pages.

I’m writing this paragraph very late last night (related to where you’re reading this, somewhere tomorrow or later), after having spent hours on the roll-over to the new site, tweaking, etc…  My bed was calling hours ago, and I’m currently hopped up on chocolate and coffee to get this done.

So by the time you read this early tomorrow morning, I may still be asleep!

Have a look around.  If you notice any broken links or anything screwing, feel free to email me and let me know.

So…what do you think?