59 books, including samples and excerpts.

Which reminds me. I wanted to touch on this one, because I get a lot of emails from readers who hate the partials and samples, etc, and won’t even click on them, if they suspect they’re not full books.

You might be missing out.

If an author has a book in Kindle Unlimited, she can’t give away the full book on BookFunnel.


She can put up to 10% of the book as an excerpt (sample). Then, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited reader, you can flip over to Amazon and pick up the title there.

For KU authors, it’s a way of letting you know that the book is in KU, and (if they’re smart) putting a link to the Amazon page in their book description.

If you’re a KU subscriber, you might want to check on the sample books in KU, first, before dismissing them.

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