I guess the title of the post says everything I need to say.

Kobo is running a promotion for a week, during which they are giving away my prequel novelette, Flying Blind, the first book in The Indigo Reports straight science-fiction series.

This is interesting timing, because I’ve had several emails from readers asking about the last book in the series.

It’s a long story, but I never did get to writing the third book in the series, because there were no sales for the previous books in the series.

That may be changing now. I will be keeping a careful eye on the downloads of the book, and subsequent follow-through on the rest of the series. If the response is strong enough, I will schedule the writing of the third book.

This is not the first time that readers have voted with their wallets, helping me choose which books to write.

If you like science fiction, give Flying Blind try.

You can download the book from Kobo’s free page, here. You can browse the rest of the genres (and there are a lot of books available), from the top page, here.




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