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More BookFunnel goodness for July:

This one is a sale, but it’s an interesting sale: Everything available in the collection is a boxed series.

As series boxed sets are already cheaper than buying the entire series in individual titles, that means that the discounts available via this sale are discounts on discounts.

So there are some eye-popping deals going down….

Complete Series Binge Bundles

I have no idea why, but I never have got around to writing a romance that features Christmas as a theme. Or even Christmas in July. Solstice Surrender, which is a paranormal focused upon the Winter Solstice (which Christmas is also pinned upon) is the closest I get.

Christmas in July

This one isn’t new — it’s a very long giveaway, that I thought I’d draw your attention to, in case you missed it earlier.

Summer Romance Reads



Massive 100th Book Giveaway!

124 prizes worth a total of $2,650, and everyone who enters gets a gift.

Enter here.

[Ends July 24th, 2019]