I don’t know if I’ve posted a Pulse Pause post about Wolverine (or Hugh Jackman) before, but even if I have, I figure he’s worth a repeat.

Wolverine_x3The release of Wolverine, which is the “Japan story” that the comic book fans have been drooling over for years, prompted us to trek through all the X-Men movies — the original three, plus First-Class and Origins.

Next year, the Days of Future Past story will be released as a movie.  I haven’t read that one, but Wolverine is one of the principal players, and Mark (who is a fan of the original X-Men comics) says the Days of Future Past story is an absolute doozy.  In the comics, the story begins somewhere in the future.  Logan is old…and married to Storm.

Just that teaser alone is enough to have me waiting impatiently for the movie, which is written and directed by Bryan Singer, who wrote and directed the first (and arguably the best) X-Men movie.

The character of Wolverine, especially as he is played by Hugh Jackman, is everything you could possibly want in a bad boy hero. Apart from being physically indestructible, he’s tough to the core with the sort of personal grit that defies odds and wins wars.

logan and jeanYet at the same time, he’s vulnerable, able to love deeply, and in the first three X-Men movies, he was pulled from the lonely darkness into human comfort and company, all because of his love for Jean Grey.  The ultimate moment, when he stepped up to kill her because no one else could, is possibly the most fraught dilemma any thinking man could face…and he faced it squarely.

It doesn’t hurt that Hugh Jackman makes the character sexy and oh, so attractive.

Jackman has said in interviews that he loves the Wolverine character and will continue to play him as long as the fans demand more.

That’s just fine by me.