Michael-Emerson-Carrie-Preston-True-Blood-PremiereThis relationship has been slowly growing on me. I’ve watched Person of Interest since it started (for a change, I didn’t start this series four seasons behind everyone else).

There’s very little room in the mind-boggling storylines for a decent romance – and I was a tad disappointed when they wrote out Joss Carter and squeezed in a thirty second “but I’ve loved you all along” scene with Carter and John Reese ten seconds before they killed her off. I suppose it gave him a good reason to go off the rails for the next episode, but it really was hugely contrived and awkward.

On the other hand, I did like the casual affair Reese had with Zoe Morgan – it was implied by dialgoue rather than happening right there on the screen, but it was refreshingly frank. Two professionals let off steam in bed.   Good move. 🙂

The real romance in the series is the one that has been growing on me, and that’s the “former” relationship between Harold Finch and artist Grace Hendricks. Finch is so far away from a typical romantic lead (at least in appearance – more on that in a second) that I think it’s what makes the relationship work. It makes it quirky and somehow more realistic.

He may not look like a romantic hero, but he behaves like one.

[HUGE spoiler alert!!]

He and Grace fell in love several years in the past, in series terms, and got engaged. Then the enemies of the machine came gunning for him and his partner, and in the choas that ensues, Harold slips away, injured but alive.   Grace finds his personal possessions in the chaos and he watches from a distance and deliberately lets her think he’s dead.

Grace-and-Finch1And for the rest of the series he watches her from afar, arranging events around her to keep her safe and let her live her life. In the latest episode, he turns himself over to the bad guys, just to get her back…all while keeping her ignorant about him being alive.

[end of spoiler alert]

It was the last episode that featured Grace that was so touching. Harold is quiet and unassuming, but he is very much heroic, especially when it comes to Grace.

As an added layer, the two characters are played by Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson, who are married in real life.

I hope they bring her character back, despite the way they seem to have written her out of the series. It’s a little bit of humanity amongst all the egos, agendas, sociopaths and dead bodies that litter the scenes each week.