On The Road – Last Stop – Nocturn Romance Reads

Road Through Forest

I’m at Nocturne Romance Reads today.  This is the last tour stop for the blog tour for Terror Stash and your last chance to pick up a book from the romantic thriller collection.

I’m talking about surfers, over at Nocturne, and I mention that Terror Stash is the second book I’ve written where I cameo the surfing culture.

If you can name the other book that features the surfing lifestyle, email me and tell me (don’t write it in comments because you’ll give the game away to everyone else), and I’ll put your name into the hat for another book — your choice from my backlist.  I’ll contact the winner and announce who won at the end of the month.

Now are you awake?  Slipped that one in, didn’t I?  LOL!  😉



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