You may have noticed some technical changes on my site recently, if you hang out here a lot.  Or not–many of them are behind the scenes.  But they bring you as a reader certain advantages.

For several weeks now, I have been selling my books directly from this site.

I’m still selling the books on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc.,etc., — I add more distributors as I can find them, so you can shop from your favourite store.  Recently, I added Google Play Books to the roster of bookstores and when I can figure out the technical issues, I will be adding the brand new Microsoft Book Store to the list, too.

However, I’ve now also added my site as another “bookstore”.

In the coming year, you’ll see a lot of indie fiction authors starting to sell directly from their sites.  It’s the next phase in the evolving and still-growing indie publishing industry.   There are a large number of reasons why indie authors should sell directly.  A great many of those reasons benefit you as a reader, too:

Fully secure site.

I have worked to make my site SSL compliant.  That means there is an extra layer of security that protects you and your financial data, and why my site is now https:// instead of just http://.    All sites that handle financial transactions should have an SSL certificate, and Google will be quick to warn you if they do not.

Multiple ways to buy.

I take all the usual credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).  In addition, I also accept PayPal payments.  That’s something Amazon does not offer!

I’m also working to offer additional forms of payment, which will be added as I figure the tech specs out and get them working properly.

Professional Technical Support.

All books you buy from me are supplied by BookFunnel.  If you have any issues with downloading your book and opening it, the BookFunnel people can walk you through getting your book sideloaded and open.  Helping readers open their books is all they do, and I pay a premium to add that technical support to my sales, so that you can have a hassle-free experience.

Also, when you download from BookFunnel, you can often send the book directly to your ereader.  Bonus!

Exclusive Titles.

There will be titles available on my site that you cannot get anywhere else.  At the moment, I have three:  The Well of Rnomath, Three Taps, Then…, and The Contemporary Romance Collection.

I will be adding to these exclusives as time goes on.

Special and exclusive discounts and promos.

The shopping cart software allows me to offer coupons providing special discounts and promos that I am not permitted to provide on other bookseller sites.  I offer the coupons through my newsletter as a bonus to subscribers.

You’ll be helping an author out.

This is purely a “me” advantage.  When you buy directly from me, you help me make more money, now, instead of less money, 90 days from now.  That is because I don’t have to pay a commission to the bookseller and the revenue from your sale goes immediately into my bank account.  I don’t have to wait until the end of the month and another 45 to 60 days after that to receive my share.

If you enjoy an author’s books and they sell their books on their site, buying direct from them is a solid, tangible way you can thank them for entertaining you–and it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

You get to keep your books.

Not everyone is aware that when they “buy” a book from their favourite bookseller, they’re really only renting the title.  This is particularly true with Amazon–if you were to close your account on Amazon, you would instantly loose all the books you have bought over the years.  They would disappear from your Kindle.

When you buy from me, though, you get to download and keep your books forever.  No take-backs.  No disappearing titles.  It’s yours.

Best of all:  You get the book a week before the “official” release date!

From this week onward, I will be releasing the edition available on my site a week before it is officially released at any other bookstore.  If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you’ll get a link and a heads-up on the day it becomes available.  (As usual, the announcement here on the blog is often delayed.)

Combined with the deeply discounted pre-order price, which holds for a few days after the official release, that’s a handful of advantages you should grab!


To browse through my available stories (there’s over 100 of them), jump to the book list pages, where everything is categorised, or start with the series and collections page.


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