MORE TIME KISSED MOMENTS (Kiss Across Time: Book 8.1)
A Vampire Time Travel Short Story Collection

More Time Kissed Moments Cover

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OH MY ! What an engrossing read. I really loved the way time travel was woven into the story. Tracy’s descriptions are so vivid YOU ARE THERE

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The tales were short but so satisfying, it was wonderful to catch up with some old friends from previous books, to see what happened to them or how their histories intertwined with Veris and Brody.

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This reminds me of watching “out-takes” after an animated movie. You know they were written special, but they add a lot of depth to the characters and provide some back story. If you enjoy history you will especially enjoy these glimpses into the past (or was that the future?).

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I am an unabashed Tracy Cooper-Posey fan but this has to be my favorite series.

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Have you ever viewed the world through a kaleidoscope? Beautiful images connected together at multiple locations.

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These little snippets of stories are fantastic, every time you get to see how much love the vampires feel for each other, and how that love transcends time, they can go off and have adventures but they know that they will always come back, drawn together by love and some pretty fantastic sex as well!

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I admire how the author made me feel like I was reading a book with one storyline when she writes about different events and basically strings together a series of short stories into one. Very well done. It was also nice to get some more in depth information about the characters.

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Tracy weaves these colorful little shorts into a tapestry that gives insight into the past lives of Veris and Brody. They sends my imagination flying!

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Where is Rafael?

Rafael is missing, with not a trace of him to be found, not even on the Timescape.

In a volume of interconnected short stories, snippets and conversations, Veris’ extended family of vampires and time jumpers comes together in unexpected ways, united by their need to find Rafael and get him back.

Reader Advisory: This time travel ménage romance collection features at least two super-hot alpha vampire heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex and MM sexual play. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

$4.99 USD $2.99 while the crisis continues!



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More Time Kissed Moments
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Joy L Crockett on More Time Kissed Moments
Kiss Across Time Series

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every one of these books. PLEASE don't stop now. Can't wait for the next one.

by Colleen on More Time Kissed Moments
Cleverly Woven Threads

Cooper-Posey's writing is always brilliant, and "More Time Kissed Moments" is a great read because not only does it tie together so many fantastic stories and revisit characters I adore, it's also something of a stand-alone story. (Figure THAT one out! But hey, this series is all about genre-bending, so this is very true to form. Yay!)

Rafe has always been an interesting character: someone who cares so deeply for others, but somehow he always seems to hold himself slightly apart. I love a quiet, supporting character, don't you? It's about time he got his own story, to find out what makes him tick! I've been a fan of Ms. Cooper-Posey for quite a while, so I was really excited to get the chance to review an ARC of this book. (I absolutely loved her Sci-Fi series, Interspace Origins. If you love Sci-Fi, I HIGHLY recommend it.)

There's something fascinating and cerebral about a "Kiss Across Time" story that's more than your usual fantasy-time-travel-story. You have to be able to follow the logic and yes, even a bit of actual science, from time-to-time (OK, pun intended, I couldn't help myself,) to get full enjoyment out of it, which is one of the best things about them, in my humble opinion...

Smart characters, smart writing, smart dialog... if you're a fan of the series, you'd be smart to pick up "More Time Kissed Moments."

by Dina Bushrod on More Time Kissed Moments
Rafael is missing, will going to the past give them clues?

I loved this new book to the authors time travel series. This story is following up on the previous book; Rafael is missing and his family and friends try desperately to find the reason. She gives us moments, between known characters, that help us full in missing information. We get to see the past that shaped the characters we've enjoyed reading about and how it's affected them in the present. They travel to different times as they look for clues and rediscover who they were then and we learn why they did what they did. Others learn for the first time, as well as us the readers, things that occurred to those they love. We see through the authors research and writing skills how the past looked and how the people lived. It's a fascinating book of past and present with all its cruel, intriguing, captivating, loving, and at times humorous events. Where is Rafael and why did he leave. Do these visits to the past give them any clues? If you've been one of the many readers following these time traveling vampires and humans, I heartily implore you to read this short, but jam packed with new knowledge, addition to the series.

by Cathy McAdam on More Time Kissed Moments
Family are those who stand beside you regardless of conflicting emotions!

More Time Kissed Moments was a menagerie of time line events brought forth by the mysterious disappearance of Rafe! Where did he go!? Why? Is he in trouble? His family of acquaintances pull together all their resources despite petty differences and previous conflicts in order to search for Rafe! I loved the clips of living within the timeline of Rafes was like stepping into home videos of specific events in life to solve his mysterious disappearance! Creative and Amazing!

by Stephany on More Time Kissed Moments
More Time Kissed Moments

This is a great book, with additional little stories about each triad and how they fit together as a family. this is brought about when one of their own goes missing and they all go searching for this lost family member.

It is a great book and a must to include in your series of Kiss Across Time.

by Beatriz on More Time Kissed Moments
More Time Kissed Moments

I really love how original Tracy manages to be in a genre where everything seems to have been written. More Time Kissed Moments are short stories but the geniality of it is they are all interconnected! Little snippets for us to enjoy. I really really like having the opportunity to get back to characters I love, it's a wonder how steady, prolific and true to his readers this author is. If you like Kiss Across Time series don't miss on this! It's very time rewarding!

by Audrey Cienki on More Time Kissed Moments
More Time Kissed Moments

I just loved revisiting some of my favorite characters from this series in this book. The book brings together characters from across the entire Time Kissed Universe.
Some of my favorite parts are (1) the humor! Really!!!! Ha! and (2) the time travel part of the story and the explanations in regard to the loops which were astounding and told in a logical, well thought out manner.

Like Tracy’s other stories, More Time Kissed Moments is about people living their lives and about their love for one another. In this story, you follow Rafe as he teaches everyone to live and love and finally he himself learns to live and love. All in all, another great story from Tracy Cooper-Posey.

by IngSav on More Time Kissed Moments
GOLD! More compulsive reading for the Kiss Across Time series!

I loved reading this rich, complex and interesting tapestry of interwoven lives and loves.

An intriguing series of stories, built from snipets of the past, to create an ever-more complex picture of the characters contributing to the overall plot and mystery of the main thread.

Fantastic characters are made real and captivating through their passionate and compassionate interactions with partners, family and their extended group of friends.

The sexual heat and interactions of the different characters are true to what we have previously seen of each couple.
The passion of the characters in the first novel of the series is ignited again in one of the flash backs and provides a very interesting cause and effect plot within that tale.

The overall storytelling flows beautifully even with lots of flashbacks and many characters' input.
The writing style provides enough detail to immerse you in the story, whether it be current times or some snap shot of a historical era, without weighing you down with extraneous elements to distract from an excellent tale!

It's definitely a book that needs to be read in the correct order of the Kiss Across Time series.
If you have read all others in the series a while ago, as I did, then don't despair of getting lost as there was enough information in each flashback to help jog my memory of who is with whom and how they all fit together.
This is definitely a must-read book within the series and not a short story mix that you could choose to leave out of the series.

I'd highly recommend the whole series, it's one of my favourite series ever: made up of complex characters and their enthralling interactions; absorbing immersive historical experiences; and intriguing storylines that are very unpredictable!

by Kathi Soniat on More Time Kissed Moments
If You Have Read Any of the Kiss Across Time Stories – You Will Love These!!

This is like “Behind the scenes”, “The making of” and “out-takes” all wrapped in one! We get deeper glimpses into the characters, explanatory scenes and delightful vignettes of characters from this stellar series. If you are not familiar with this series, you are definitely missing out!!

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