BookFunnel Promos!

We’re heading into a short rash of mid-month-starting promos, but of course, none of them start on the same day.

I have compiled all your emails about these BookFunnel promos — thank you so much for the feedback.  I’ll make some small changes as a result, and I’ll communicate them as I go along.  There is one I will tell you about now.  Some of you wished to have ALL the promos for the month in a single email.

This, of course, isn’t possible, as I don’t always know about the promos coming up later in the month at the beginning of the month, and not all of them start on the same day.

However, I do list all the promos I know about on my website and update it at the beginning of each month, so if you would like a long list of everything, you’ll find it here: — just scroll down to the BookFunnel promos.

This is not 100% inclusive.  Some of the later-in-the-month promos might not get listed.  But it’s close.

In the meantime, Just one for today, a generic, all-types-of-romance promo.  Runs Dec 14-20 only.

Check them out here!



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