KISS ACROSS TIME (Kiss Across Time: Book 1)
A Vampire Menage Time Travel Romance

Kiss Across Time cover

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[She] has created characters that are engaging, unpredictable, outrageously funny and down-right appealing to readers who will steal their hearts.


The Romance Studio

I think you’ll be as entertained and affected by the chemistry between the characters as I was. A fast-moving romance that spanned several lifetimes and included a paranormal aspect that was a fun and totally unexpected surprise.


Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

This was a great story with wonderful and surprising plot twists. The chemistry between the three is tangible.


Siren Book Reviews

Paranormal erotic romance doesn’t get any more creative than [this].

Romance Junkies

A sizzling hot, erotic story more than 1,500 years in the making….

When Taylor Yates, a former history professor and expert on Arthurian Britain, kisses Brody Gallagher, lead singer of a death metal band and 1,500 year old vampire, their lives are forever changed.

When she kisses Veris, Brody’s equally old vampire lover, all three of them become inextricably linked–mind, body and soul, throughout time.

Experience a unique and beautiful love story with Taylor, Brody and Veris on an intense, soul-stirring journey through history. Discover a fresh take on romance. Surrender yourself to a Kiss Across Time.

Reader Advisory: This time travel novel features two super-hot alpha vampire heroes, and explicit sex scenes. Do not read this book if frank sexual language offends you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.


$2.99 USDBook can be read on all devices and apps. [More info]




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Kiss Across Time
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Sylvia on Kiss Across Time
Kiss Across Time

Awesome, this story is so readily believable. It weaves a web around you as if you are part of the story. The sensuality is thru the roof. To say that I liked it would be an under statement

by AnnieF on Kiss Across Time
Kiss Across Time

Wow what a great read. I loved the chemistry between the three main characters. I was so happy that Taylor decided to go back to Brody and Veris. Also that Andy was given a job with the band, which he deserved after helping Taylor. I would highly recommend this book.

by Joy D on Kiss Across Time
Fantastic book

I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. Kiss across time was the best book I have read in a while and I read A LOT of books.

by Cherie on Kiss Across Time
Kiss across time

Was an adventuresome read with the sex done in such away it was exciting not crude my husband enjoyed the resulted residual efects of this story thank you

by Monica.Coffey on Kiss Across Time

OMGoodness.. This book was great.. I couldn’t put it down, and I most definitely would recommend it.. I can’t wait to read more from this author

by Drea on Kiss Across Time

Absolutely loved this book i couldnt put it down i definitely recommend this book... it a treasure of a find... and all my fellow reader have to do is simply say YES

by Lea Pickett on Kiss Across Time
Kiss Across Time

I couldn't stop reading! I love vampires and this was a great twist on the threesome scenario. Ready to read more from Tracy Cooper-Posey.

by Tammy on Kiss Across Time
Kiss Across Time

Loved it! The three of them are very promising and I love that Andy gets a job with the band!

by Kathi Soniat on Kiss Across Time
A Brilliant Start to this Vampire, Time-Travel Series!!

Taylor Yates is fired for insisting on pursuing an early poet, whose existence is questionable, for her thesis. Ironically losing her job and her boyfriend in one fell swoop. When she returns home and her neighbor is playing a death metal song with the lyrics from the poet she is tracking, her life continues to change.

Snagging tickets to the bands local concert to further investigate; she also gets selected to come backstage to meet the band. When a kiss transports her to another place and time, once again her reality takes a huge shift. Turns out the band members are vampires and have an association with “her” poet, but they will not be able to prove it for her.

Intricately balanced story of time-travel, vampire politics, vampire ménages and scintillating romance. I highly recommend this story!

by IngSav on Kiss Across Time
Wow! What a steamy, sexy and exciting trip through time with this delicious trio!!

Starting with betrayal and then to be unexpectedly tipped into explosively sexy action...just like Taylor, I was immediately drawn into the exciting word of Brody and Veris, two of the most intriguing time-traveling vampires I never did meet!!

I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading this book and it was a great opportunity to write the review this time round! As I make my way through the series, in preparation for the much anticipated latest (#8 Kiss Across Tomorrow) instalment in the series, I am thoroughly looking forward to getting an even richer enjoyment of each book, as I did with Kiss Across Time.

This was the book that started my addiction to everything written by talented author, Tracy Cooper-Posey!! She has such an amazing talent for capturing my imagination and blowing my mind with the intriguing settings and story lines of her books. Her characters are complex and interesting but she doesn’t waste your time with drawn out descriptions, her writing style is direct and succinct and I LOVE it!

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