KISS ACROSS BLADES (Kiss Across Time: Book 9.0)
A Vampire Time Travel Romance Novel

Kiss Across Blades Cover

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Cooper-Posey’s writing is always brilliant.

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There’s something fascinating and cerebral about a “Kiss Across Time” story that’s more than your usual fantasy-time-travel-story.

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Creative and Amazing!

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I really love how original Tracy manages to be in a genre where everything seems to have been written.

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I loved reading this rich, complex and interesting tapestry of interwoven lives and loves.

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GOLD! More compulsive reading for the Kiss Across Time series!

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Cooper-Posey is a master storyteller, but how she manages to create these elaborate interconnected storylines that flesh out character development is incredible.

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I haven’t read a book in this series that I don’t like.

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Starts out with a bang! Couldn’t put it down. It’s a whole lot of fun.

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The cost of saving his children is too high…

Since learning that time travel is real, Remi de Sauveterre has yearned to jump back two hundred years to revolutionary France to rescue his children the night they died. Only, the odds of creating a time paradox which will destroy everyone’s future are huge.

London would give Remi his hearts’ desire if she only had the courage to attempt the dangerous jump back into his past, for she loves him and knows that refusing him will push him away from her and Neven.

Then she and Neven come across an alternative world where their son does not exist and, suddenly, the idea of risking everything to save their family seems worth it.  Only, time travel always goes wrong…

Reader Advisory: This time travel ménage romance story features two super-hot alpha vampire heroes and sex scenes, including anal sex and MM sexual play. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

$4.99 USD $2.99 while the crisis continues!



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Kiss Across Blades
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 12 reviews
by Hester Helm on Kiss Across Blades
Time Travel Romance and Adventure

What a fantastic story!! I could not put this book down once I started reading it. Tracy weaves a super tale of heartbreak, fierce heart longing and unexpected action in Remy, London and Neven's life.

Remy grieves for his lost children, but when London and Neven agrees to return through time to retrieve them, spanners fly into the works and time itself does a number on them. The plot thickens, twists and turns down unimaginable roads filled with astonishment and fast paced action.

They suddenly find themselves in a completely different historical setting than what Remy remembers and things unravel fast from there. Brilliantly written, fast paced and super sexy. The plot is rich and completel unpredictable. I loved every second of it. I do recommend reading the series in order to understand this story better. I am pleased to report that this tale has a very happy ending. Well done Tracy on a beautiful book!

by Stephany on Kiss Across Blades
Kiss Across Blades

This story is like a high-energy roller coaster ride of emotion and adventure through time and love.

Tracy has given us another great story with this 9th book to the Kiss Across Time Series.

by Dina on Kiss Across Blades
5.0 out of 5 starsCould you risk changing the present, risk losing the world you know, to get back the loves you lost?

I am more than thrilled that the author gave her fans what they wanted, another book in the MORE KISS ACROSS TIME Series; the begging and waiting was worth it.

The characters are filled with love for each other but are conflicted over the obsession of one'a wish to travel back in time to save his children. Can they talk him out of it, if they can't will life as they know it to be changed? Will they meet, will they be what they are now, will they love, will they even be alive? So many questions and no way to know the answers without doing what they don't want to do.

The love for one's children can make you do anything to hold them once again.

Now, let's talk about time-travel and alternate worlds. What if you travel back, even when you know you shouldn't, and you don't end up where you were supposed to, at least it appears to be slightly off?

Well, that's all I'm telling you cause I hate to do spoilers, but I will tell you this, the story is filled with surprises, thrills, suspense, danger and the one thing that beats them all, love. Immerse yourself in this amazing world-building adventure that this author has given us.

Get this book, and you will remember why you fell in love with the Kiss Across Time series in the first place. Grab it, read it, review it;

by IngSav on Kiss Across Blades
Awesome! Another mind-bending journey through time with extraordinary and beloved characters!

Wow, what a ride! This story is like a high-energy rollercoaster ride of emotion and adventure through time and love.

As this is the 9th book in the series we know these beloved characters well but it is thoroughly enjoyable to have more personal layers and past history unfolding in a compelling and surprising way.

This threesome have never let a bit of time travel get in the way of their love and smoking hot chemistry with each other...this book is no exception! The tender moments are delicious and the action is hot!!

I love that Tracy Cooper-Posey's writing style can catapult me right back into the middle of the Kiss Across Time time-scape and recapture the personalities of the characters without a whole lot of repetitive backtracking.

This is even more impressive given my generally terrible memory of previously read books. I feel immersed in the events and surrounded by the characters of this series, so picking up each new additional story is easy to get engrossed in, after only a few pages!

I rate this series one of my all-time favourites and am so glad that I started with the first book and continue to wait with bated breath for each new addition.
It was this series that set me off looking for more of Tracy Cooper-Posey's delightful and diverse collection of stories and series' and now I wouldn't miss anything she writes!

by Veronica Wald on Kiss Across Blades
A fantastic journey

Tracy Cooper-Posey has done it to me again, this time with her recent release, Kiss Across Blades - Book 9 of her Kiss Across Time series. I approached the series backwards by reading Book 9 first, however I became so involved with the characters and story I ended up reading it in one sitting - through the night - followed on successive nights by Books 1 and 2. To be honest, books featuring Time Travel Vampires did not feature on my To Be Read List but Tracy has totally converted me with her amazing imagination and ability to take her readers on a fantastic journey.

by Kathi Soniat on Kiss Across Blades
Impeccable Time-Travel Story!!

What if you could go back in time and undo a tragedy. What if you might unravel all the threads of time and implode life as you know it. What if the person you loved had not recovered after centuries had past?

That is the basis for this story. But if you know the stories in this series you also know you will relate to every character, feel every emotion, get sizzling interactions and be on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. You will also be highly entertained and be made to think. Reader beware – this is highly addictive!!

by Cyndi on Kiss Across Blades
Kiss Across Blades= En Gaurde'

I've had the privilege of reading a few of Tracy Cooper Posey 's books and I've enjoyed all those I've read.

I've read one other in this particular series , and although this is a huge jump forward from the one I read previously , this one was just as fantastic a read as everything else by this author.
Her talent for character depth , historical settings and backdrops are just superb.

As an added bonus this is a time travel / vampire historical romance with all the feels and edginess to keep your interest and flip the page to see what happens next!

Thank you , TRACY COOPER -POSEY! Always a treat to read your books cause I never know what will happen next till I read the next page!

by Chandera on Kiss Across Blades
Amazing read

Tracy Cooper-Posey’s new book “Kiss Across Blades”, the 9th book in their series, was such an emotional read. I felt for London, Neven and Remi. London and Neven don’t feel like there enough for Remi for he wishes to go back in time to bring his children forward. He is welling to anything especially now since he has hope they are able to do so. There is so much pain between these three. But when in assignment London and Neven made a big decision. They are going back to bring back Reno’s children no matter the consequences. To find out what happens next I believe as a reader you should find out yourself. I highly recommend this book.

I was given an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest review.

by Beatriz on Kiss Across Blades
Kiss Across Blades

Kiss Across Blades is the ninth installment in the Kiss Across Time Series. This is the continuation of the story of London, Remi and Neven. This time, they come back to the past to take Remi's children from revolutionary France, but once there the plot twist is just brilliant, and I'll stop here lest I drop any spoilers 😉 Very delicate on human emotions and descriptive of people's real situation of those times, the author always delivers.

I always love to catch up with old characters, I'm very happy Tracy decided to come back to the series as it is one of my old time my favourites.

by Audrey Cienki on Kiss Across Blades
Kiss Across Blades

As always, a very enjoyable story. I just love the conversations that take place in the book. They are so realistic and engaging, even the seemingly insignificant, everyday ones. And by the end of the book, London has found herself and her confidence.

Just make sure that you have some time to read Kiss Across Blades, because I know that once started I could not put it down.

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