The Birthaversary Sale Ends At Midnight MST.

This is a quick reminder that the massive Birthaversary sale ends tonight.  You can get up to 50% off all my titles — including the boxed sets.

Here’s the original post that lays it out:

If you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you might already be aware that today is my birthday, my husband’s birthday, our wedding anniversary and also the anniversary of the day we met.

No one in our house has any excuse for forgetting anything.

We call today our Birthaversary, and we celebrate with a party on the closest Saturday.

This year I can go one step further and offer you goodies in the form of massive discounts.

Birthaversary Discounts

This applies to all books and other products on my site, from today (clock is already ticking) through to midnight MST February 25th.

You can take advantage of the deal as often as you want, but buying all at once results in larger discounts (see below)

My other coupons will negate the discount, so use them in separate transactions, if you have them.

Here’s the deal:

  • Buy 2 – 3 books: 20% off
  • Buy 4 – 6 books: 30% off
  • Buy 7 – 9 books: 40% off
  • Buy 10 books or more: 50% off

You don’t need a coupon for this one. The store is set up to calculate your discount at the checkout.

Titles you may want to consider.

New out this month

Hunting The Kobra

From the Backlist

If you would like to scour my backlist – and don’t forget I have over one hundred titles – then you might want to start here:

Books Master List
Books in Alphabetical Order
Books by Category
Books by Thumbnail


While you’re browsing, remember I have books available for preorder.

This link will jump you to all the current pre-orders, including any I’ve put up for pre-order.  (They’re also listed in the footer at the very bottom of this page.)

Go forth and party!



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