INSIDE MAN (Project Kobra: Book Two)
A Romantic Spy Thriller

Inside Man Cover

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Tracy brings serious competition to the big boys of spy thrillers.

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If you like John LeCarre, Lee Childs and John Grisham, you will absolutely love this book. It far surpassed my highest expectations.

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An unbelievably good book! It is fast moving with so much going on that you will never want to put this book down.

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Has it all: mystery, intrigue, action, espionage AND a heroine that isn’t too stupid to live.

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A page turner and a pure pleasure.

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Amazing read!!

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It’s her job to protect Cain…if she doesn’t kill him herself.

Agata Kelsey is an MIT Engineering Honors graduate, speaks six languages fluently, and a CIA operative with no time for fools. As punishment for a job gone wrong, she is assigned to the Paris-based security detail guarding Cain Ishmael Warren, the wild, uncontrollable son of former Vice President Warren.

Cain Warren resents his security detail with every shred of his rotten, irredeemable soul, especially the most recent addition, a lightweight piece of fluff with a mouth and an attitude.  He ditches them at every opportunity, except she’s hard to shake off.

When trouble arrives, Cain is shocked because it’s nothing to do with him.  An old enemy of Agata’s puts them both in his sights, forcing Agata to run–and take Cain with her on a chase across France and into the Alps wilderness, with the Kobra’s venomous Gavriil Zima far too close behind them…

This romantic thriller is the second book in the Project Kobra series.

1.0: Hunting The Kobra
2.0: Inside Man
…and more to come!

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Hunting The Kobra
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Beatriz on Hunting The Kobra
Inside Man

Inside Man is the second book in the Project Kobra series. This book is set after the dispersion of Dimas' unit after what happened in Austria. Agata is protecting Cain when the Kobra's people appear again, so the unit reunites again to try and find him and desl with the mule at the same time. She is witty, very clever, strong, and not afraid to show that she's not nice for the shake of others, love her attitude!! What I like about Cain is he's not what it seems, there's more depth to him. And together they are explosive! Thrillers aren't really my cup of tea, but with some authors you know that you are going to like whatever they may produce, and Tracy is one of them, she could make a shopping list interesting!

by Audrey Cienki on Hunting The Kobra
Inside Man

Wow! Inside Man is incredible. The second book in the Project Kobra series continues the action, intrigue and adventure that started in Hunting The Kobra.  And the characters! Agata and Cain really steal the show.

With 100 standalone titles and Tracy Cooper-Posey is definitely still going strong!

by Hester on Hunting The Kobra
Fast Paced Action and Total Terror

I enjoyed this book tremendously!! It had me at the edge of my seat the entire time and I loathed to put it down. Wow!! It is completely unpredictable and nerve wracking. There is action and some more action. The terror is tongue biting, the angst makes you sweat and your relief is real.

Fantastic story, especially when you like a kick-ass lady and dark, bad boy persona guy. I love the layers of each character that is exposed during the adventure. Cain and Agata start out very different and unexpectedly, surprises the reader.

Well written, fast paced and totally enjoyable. If you like your books fast and terrifyingly satisfactory, this one is for you. This story is not to be missed! Go ahead, spoil yourself, you will not be dissapointed!

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