I just finished sending this week’s newsletter.  Are you a subscriber, yet?  You’re missing out, if you’re not.  And I’m not saying that just to get your email address, either.

I kinda shook my head once I hit send, because the whole newsletter was stuffed with deals.  Really.  Seriously, consider this:

  1. The Hearts of Stone boxed series set down from $17.99 to $4.99.
  2. All my current pre-orders on sales for $2.99.
  3. Born of No Man down to 99c from $4.99.
  4. 20% off every book I have published, including the ones only available on my site.

Heaven knows, us romance readers are a voracious lot, so deals and discounts and sales are always welcome.

Consider subscribing to the newsletter so you don’t miss out.


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