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Praise for previous Scandalous series:

If you haven’t started this series, start right now and you will fall in love with this very unconventional family during a time when rules, etiquette and unwritten rules had to be followed or the lack of them would bring scandal and ruin to an entire family.


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The family faces financial disaster, social ruin and much more…

When Richard Devlin’s older brother, Vaughn, is imprisoned for fraud, the consequences tear apart the Great Family, bringing ruin and more. Richard’s future is also destroyed.  Penniless and angry, he wanders Europe, until he finds himself in a Paris café watching a pretty singer…

Eve Martel Davies, posing as a café singer called Evelyn, barely recognizes her second cousin. Eve’s family take Richard in, but Eve knows Richard needs more than a warm bed and new clothes. She devises a way for Richard to assist her with her work for the Sûreté, which she suspects will help Richard find himself again.  The scheme involves Eve posing as Richard’s mistress, but the truth is very different…

This book is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians. This is the second spin-off series to feature a new generation of the Great Family, who are now scattering across Europe and beyond in search of adventure…and love.

This story is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians series:
1.0 His Parisian Mistress
2.0 Her Rebellious Prince
and more to come!

A Sexy Victorian Era Historical Romance

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His Parisian Mistress
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Dina Bushrod on His Parisian Mistress
To be the rogue society thinks you are, you wil need a mistress

A wonderfully written story of man beaten down by a moral society, even though he's done no wrong. He, at one of his lowest moments, runs into a distant cousin. Now begins the plot which will bring them together and will entail lies, subterfuge, danger and glorious pleasure they never expected. The story reminds me of the excitement one gets reading a novel of espionage and undercover agents. It is so much better as we also have the sensual feelings that two people working so closely together, especially when one has been forced by his former peers to expect only the worse of people, and suddenly finding acceptance and caring. As always, the author has given us a magnificent story, one that shows us the unfair standards of Victorian society, that through the ruin of a this unconventional family, hope and love will never be denied.

by IngSav on His Parisian Mistress
A delightful and unpredictable period romance!

The story is unpredictable with interesting insights into the social climate of the times. The characters have delightful interactions and a delicious happy ever after! Yay!
An enthralling romance and yet still a story of a woman of those times (Suffragettes are making progress) learning confidence in her abilities and coming into her own power.

This is no 'simpering miss' for a heroine and the hero is admirable for trying to do the right thing, as a Prince, for his people. They have such delightfully delicious chemistry too.

Another spectacular addition to the new off-shoot series all of which involve the 'Great Families'. I have loved all the surprises in each of the enthralling love stories and adventures for every novel, in each series.
The latest series keeps each novel fresh and unexpected because the times and challenges each character faces are a reflection of the very different changing social reforms facing England and the world at this time.

by Stephany on His Parisian Mistress
His Parisian Mistress

Tracy continues to entertain and enthrall us with another new series. In this new spin-off of Cooper-Posey’s historical fiction world, the winds of change have swept through and knocked the entire Great Family into a different financial realm. I have enjoyed this new book and if you are looking for a good historical spin-off; I recommend this book ( It is a good idea to read the original series first as this continues from there).

by Charles Smith on His Parisian Mistress
Cousins Become Sensual Lovers

Set around the year 1888 Lord Richard Devlin finds himself shamed and cast out of his great family in England when his brother Vaughn a director of his banking group is suddenly arrested by Special Branch officers at his father, Viscount Marblethorpe's lovely estate in Cornwall causing his lovely and beloved mother, Natasha, to have a stroke and die of shock. Wandering around the south of France taking jobs as a field laborer which required no identification he eventually finds himself in a cafe in the Latin Quarter of Paris drinking to drown his sorrows while the beautiful singer, Evelyn, finishing comes to his table and tries to comfort him. At that point the cafe is raided by police and Richard helps her to escape but is himself caught and suspected of being an anarchist. He learns that Evelyn is really his cousin Eve Martel Davies and she vouchsafes for him with the Director of the Surete for whom she works secretly in order to ferret out anarchists. Pitying his ragtag clothing she takes him home where he meets his Uncle Lefan, a wonderful character and Aunt Mairin who kindly look after him giving him a room and money. The writer has created a delightful character in Eve who proposes marriage as a subterfuge to help penetrate the anarchist network except that they soon become real lovers and enjoy their sensual sex times together in their little one room fifth floor apartment. Major events follow and Richard protects Eve while helping the Surete uncover deadly anarchist plots. Much more is to be revealed. A great read of an interesting epoch in French history.

by Hester H. on His Parisian Mistress
Historical Romance with a twist

The title creates the impression of a cliché coming, but there is anything but common between the covers. We are introduced to Richard, whom by ascociation of being the brother of a criminal, experiences life as bad and prejudiced. The entire great family was virtually destroyed overnight by suspicious circumstances. ( I sense a wonderful mystery surrounding this tragedy, waiting to unfold).

Eve is embroiled in what would be called espionage in modern times. She runs into Richard and enlists his help in an enexpected way. The plot is unpredictable and well written. Eve and Richard's romance is sweet and they almost missed their happilly ever after on more than one occassion. I am pleased to report this story has a happy ending of sorts, as terror and horror and pain, is continually lurking in the shadows, just waiting to pounce at the most unexpected moment.

This story can be read alone as the first of the series, although I would recommend reading the two series preceding this one, for a more thorough background understanding of the great family. The cover is beautiful and I can't wait to see how this series will unfold.

by IngSav on His Parisian Mistress
A delightfully unpredictable and exciting story with great chemistry.

This is a really satisfying read! There's plenty of substance to the plot and an interesting storyline with intrigue, action and suspense as well as the delicious romantic relationship developed between the two main characters.

These interesting characters are well developed with chemistry galore in their interactions and contrasting personalities for great repartee.

There's enough heat and chemistry between our two main characters to satisfy my need for proof that their romance is strong and to create the hope that it is enduring.

Tracy Cooper-Posey has a succinct and yet enthralling writing style that creates such an immersive experience that I feel like I'm stepping into situations right alongside these characters that I am getting to know!

This is an exciting start to the new series about The Great Families.
I'm a big fan of the previous series, telling tales of love and adventure, about the generation who went before so I was devastated it had come to an end...until I got my hands on this eagerly awaited new series book!

I'd highly recommend reading the (two) previous series so you can enjoy the full, rich tapestry of the family unfolding and can appreciate cameos in the following novels.

by Laura Furches on His Parisian Mistress
We always had Paris.

I am 100% a Francophile so I immediately knew I'd enjoy this newest title from Tracy. I was again swept away and dropped into a world far away. His Parisian Mistress was all the best of Tracy's historicals. The sights, the smells and even the temperature of early morning on the Seine was experienced as though there with the characters. Without spoilers, there was a scene where the tention was so palatable, I swear I felt sweat on my brow and my heart beat much faster. This is another winner and I can't wait to meet the third generation of The Great Family.

by Kaylene McCormack on His Parisian Mistress
Such Intense Emotions

Tracy Cooper-Posey has a magical talent for catching the heartstrings of any reader. His Parisian Mistress is perfection. Between Richard’s redemption and Eve's need to make her world a little safer there is excitement, danger, love and passion. And the ending zings!

by Kathi Soniat on His Parisian Mistress
A Fabulous Journey back to Early Days!!

When “the Great Family” of England from this fabulous series is suddenly in disgrace our main character Richard travels to France hoping to escape the notoriety, which has rubbed off onto him. In rather desperate circumstances he meets up with Eve who is on an important mission.

Given a new purpose they conspire to infiltrate a dangerous group of anarchists.

Danger, intrigue, survival and relationships intertwine to create a fascinating story. As always, the characters in these series come alive for the reader. You are transported back in time and feel each struggle and joy as the story unfolds.

by Brittany on His Parisian Mistress
The Great Family Continues

I was sad to see the end to the Scandalous Scions series. Ms. Cooper-Posey has such an intimately detailed way of writing that you can’t help but become immersed into each story and emotionally attached to the wonderful characters. Thankfully, though, those wonderful characters happened to have a LOT of children whose stories of love and adventure we can discover now, while still catching glimpses of the previous generation, albeit a little older and grayer as time has passed.

His Parisian Mistress has a heart-wrenching beginning I was not prepared for. My heart broke for poor Richard essentially becoming a pariah and forced out of England through no fault of his own.

I liked Éve from the start. No-nonsense, practical, self-assured and worldly, I found her to be inspirational.

Richard and Éve work together in a dangerous undercover operation to disband an anarchist organization. Éve makes Richard feel worthy again and he shows her that having a man by your side doesn’t have to mean giving up your independence.

I really appreciate how none of Tracy Cooper-Poseys stories are cookie-cutter-everything-works-out-in-the-end books. Square pegs don’t magically become round to fit in. Yes, they all live happily ever after, but you know there are going to be hurdles along the way, just as in real life. I think that is what makes this series so relatable for me.

Long story short: read this

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