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Free Stories

I have for some time now offered a handful of my books for free, as a way for you to sample my work and get to know the type of stories I tell.

A Dangerous Man

A Family Affair

Worlds of Wonder

Three Taps, Then…

The Well of Rnomath

Reading Order Perpetual

In the “sorta” free category:  All my fiction books are available in Kindle Unlimited, so they are “free” if you’re subscribed to KU.  Click on the “Books” tab above, and browse to find what interests you.  The link for each book’s page will take you to your local Amazon.

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Current BookFunnel Giveaways and Deals

There are always a dozen or more BookFunnel giveaways (mostly) and sales (one or two) happening at any one time.  This is a list of promotion I am currently participating in.  Note:  I may be a day or two late in updating the page.  The best way to stay on top of giveaways is to subscribe to my newsletter, where the news is announced first, and I usually warn when a giveaway is about to close.

Tip:  The bulk of BookFunnel giveaways start and end at the beginning and end of the month.  If you stop by this page a couple of days into each month, you’ll catch up with most of the giveaways.

I’m currently taking a hiatus on BF Promos.

Check back in a month or two!

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My Current Giveaways

I usually only have one of these running at a time, and they’re often short-lived (a week only).


None at the moment, sorry!


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