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Facing the heart of the enemy.
Vistaria is controlled by the insurrectos and chaos reigns.
Minerva Benning (Minnie) is the only one who believes her beloved Duardo still lives and can’t convince anyone to help her find him. Nicolás Escobedo, the bastard half-brother of Vistaria’s assassinated president, is too busy trying to win back his country. Calli, Minnie’s cousin and Nick’s lover, is busy learning to be the partner of a national leader.
When Minnie attempts to find Duardo herself she is captured by Zalaya, the head of the insurrecto’s intelligence and security. Zalaya is a cool-headed man of secrets and strong appetites that he indulges fully with Minnie. Despite the eye patch and cane, Zalaya looks like Duardo—especially at night when Zalaya coaxes Minnie to indulge herself with him. Chained to his bed, she sees Zalaya’s control over Serrano, the leader of the insurrectos, crumble. As the danger surrounding both of them grows, Zalaya’s manipulations and Minnie’s quest collide…and the results are fatal.


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