Kobo are offering Faring Soul, the award winning first book of the science fiction romance series, Interspace Origins, free on their site only for the next week.

This is the perfect opportunity to test run a new series — especially if you’ve wanted to try science fiction romance.

SFR Galaxy Award 2015 Winner

Rumors emerge that Catherine Shahrazad has returned from the fringes and been seen in Federation space.  Wherever she goes, her name and her history cause civil unrest, riots and worse.  The Federation Board doesn’t want her there.  Neither do the leaders of Cadfael College, the educators and moralists of the galaxy.  No one pays any attention to the reticent navigator called Bedivere X, who pilots her ship better than she does.

The truth about Bedivere threatens the entire Federation.

His feelings for Cat might just save everyone.

This book is part of the Interspace Origins science fiction romance series:
1.0:  Faring Soul
2.0:  Varkan Rise
3.0:  Cat and Company
3.5:  Interspace Origins (Series boxed set)

Winner of the SFR Galaxy Award 2015

My favorite character is the mysterious, sexy, loveable Bedivere.

I love that the story seem to go one way then everything goes sideways, it keeps the synapse firing on all cylinders.

You won’t see the twist coming till it smacks you in the face. This is definitely a love story from the future.

I know Tracy is a great writer but I was not much into science fiction. Well, now I am!!

For more details, and an excerpt, click here.

Actually, the timing of this promo is really good.

In a poll on my newsletter recently, readers voted 75% in favour of me writing a spin-off series to this Interspace Origins series.

The first book in the new series will be slotted into my production calendar, so keep watching here (or sign up for the newsletter) to hear of the upcoming release.

Click through to Kobo to pick up Faring Soul free.

Click here to get to Kobo’s free ebooks page.  It was updated around 9am this morning, so you will find links to pick up Faring Soul there.


And do drop a review on Kobo or here on my site and let me know what you think of it.


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