Cool Advent Calendar for SFR Lovers! (You will absolutely need to bookmark this one!!)

Skye McKinnon, SFR author, has coordinated with a dozen other authors (including me), and put together an advent calender of science fiction romance novels.

I confess that I didn’t know what an advent calendar was until I was an adult.  We didn’t get them in Australia, although I’m sure the global-village influence means you can get them there these days.  But growing up, I always wondered what they were.  I didn’t see my first physical advent calendar until I moved to Canada.

Skye’s advent calendar is the virtual kind, and instead of a chocolate, you get a free SFR novel each day.

Seriously, how cool is that?

(You bet I’ll be checking the page every day myself!!)

Some of the books will be perma-free or free for a short-time only on retail sites, and some of them are free via BookFunnel downloads.  But one way or another, you get a free copy.

As I said in the subject line, this is a site worth bookmarking and setting up a reminder to yourself to head there each day.

Here’s the calendar:

The first door won’t open until tomorrow, and the other doors won’t open until their assigned day (which I mention just in case you were one of those kids who gobbled all the chocolates on day 1.  And yes, that would have been me!  🙂 ).

Tip:  You should check the calendar each day, as some of these titles will only be free for 7 days or less.  If you wait too long past the day they appear on the calendar, you might not be able to get them anymore.

Enjoy (I know you will!)