My, How Movies Have Changed!

My, How Movies Have Changed! Since moving to Canada in 1996, I have been slowly replacing all the books I sold to finance moving here with ebook copies.  Sometimes those copies have been slow to acquire because the books weren’t yet issued in ebook format. I’m very happy that traditional publishers are finally getting a

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women If you live in a western, democratic nation, you likely think that violence against women is comparatively low in your country. You are almost certainly underestimating how much violence women face, even in your country. A 2013 study on violence against women in Australia

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Equality for Women: Not such a hot idea.

145 years ago today, in 1869, the first Women's Suffrage law in the United Stated was granted in Wyoming Territory. It was the first step in full voting rights for women in America, which was written into the Constitution in 1920. Canada gave women the vote in 1919, and the United Kingdom trailed behind, declaring

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Feel Good About Yourself in 1 Easy Step

I’ve had a major revelation in the last few weeks and it has resulted in a slowly improving self-esteem and confidence. You can do it, too. It’s dead easy. What happened? I came across a HuffPo article about how well plus-size models are doing in New York these days. …and read it. It’s not like

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Erotic Romance is NOT Erotica!

Lately, I’ve noticed some erotic romance authors referring to their genre as smut, or dirty, and to themselves with various similar titles -- smutkateers or naughty authors, or various other titles, with the emphasis on the sexual content of their stories, and the beddable quality and sexual prowess of the heroes they write about.  I

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