First-in-Series Time Travel Romance Discount For a Short Time Only.

First-in-Series Time Travel Romance Discounted For a Short Time Only. Until the 26th, these two books, which are the first-in-series for both of my Time Travel series, are discounted to 99c everywhere. They're also paranormal, vampire, urban fantasy and menage books, just FYI. They're actually a lot of things, so if you're at all curious, check

Two Deeply Discounted First-In-Series Paranormal Romances

Two Deeply Discounted First-In-Series Paranormal Romances Blood Knot, which is book 1 of the Blood Stone series, and Beth's Acceptance, Book 1 of the Destiny's Trinities series (both vampire menage urban fantasy romance) are deeply discounted to 99c each, for one week only. More about the Blood Stone series. More about the Destiny's Trinities series. Excerpt, buy links,

99c First in Series – Until Wednesday night, only!

99c First in Series - Until Wednesday night, only!   Carson's Night is the first book in the Stonebrood Saga -- vampire urban fantasy featuring some very nasty gargoyles. Born of No Man is the first book in the Once and Future Hearts series -- a series of fantasy romances set in the time of

Vampire Romances, $3.99 and under.

Vampire Romances, $3.99 and under If the header image looks familiar to you, you're not going mad.  There was a vampire romance sale running from August 1-15.  Now there is another sale running August 15-30, with different authors and books participating.  If you like your heroes undead, don't miss out on the new crop of

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Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only

Two First-In-Series PNR Deeply Discounted, For Short Time Only Only until the end of Wednesday, these two first-in-series books are discounted to 99c, on all bookseller sites, including my own. This gives you a very cheap opportunity to check out new-to-you series. Cheers, Buy BLOOD KNOT directly from me, or from your favourite bookseller. Buy BETH'S ACCEPTANCE directly

Will Vampires Never Die?

Will Vampires Never Die? Another recovered, but still relevant, article.  This one from August 2010. -t. Will vampires ever die?  Technically, no they won’t, depending on who you’re reading—unless they get staked, or decapitated.  Sometimes even that’s not enough to kill them.  And that appears to be part of their charm. Something draws us to

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My Worst Enemy

My Worst Enemy     I though I'd talk about my paranormal time travel romance series, Kiss Across Time, today.  As there is sort-of news.  Actually it's more a random musing...but I'll get to that. I have a list of release dates and proposed books that stretches out at least a year ahead of today. 

Vampire Lovin’ – Discounted Romances.

Vampire Lovin' - Discounted Romances. Seventeen vampire paranormal romances, from authors such as Kate Bonham, Mary Abshire, Kellie McAllen, Tia Didmon, R.L. Kenderson, Julie Anne Addicott, Anna Applegate, Georgia Carter Mathers, Adom Sample, Nikki Landis, Zara Zenia, Keira Blackwood, Valerie Twombly and D.D. Miers, on sale until the end of the month. Oh, and one

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Fool. I’ll always come back…

I haven't made it very secret that my favourite heroes are Brody and Veris. That might leave you with the impression that I don't care for any of the other heroes I've created, which isn't true at all. But I did overlook one of them and took him for granted for a very long time. Lemme explain

New Kiss Across Time Book!

New Kiss Across Time Book! More Time Kissed Moments is now available for pre-order everywhere! This is book 8.1 in the vampire menage time travel urban fantasy series (yes, really), Kiss Across Time. So today is both the cover reveal and the heads-up that it's out. Where is Rafael? Rafael is missing, with not a trace