Do You Like Hardcover Books? Want Some Of Mine?

Do You Like Hardcover Books? Want Some Of Mine? I have an opportunity to make case hardcover editions of my books available.  Which sounds fantastic…if you like hardcovers! There's an image of a case hardcover book, above.  They're the hardcovers that have the cover image printed right onto them, instead of onto a loose cover

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A Book-Lined Room of One’s Own

A Book-Lined Room of One's Own A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.--Virginia Woolf. I have always loved images of rooms with book-stuffed shelves.  They appeal to the reader and the writer in me.  For a great many years--decades, in fact--I dreamed about working in

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20% Off Monthly 4 Day Sale Starts Today

The Stories Rule Press monthly 4 day 20% off sale starts today. This sale includes all titles currently available on the SRP site, including boxed sets, books already on discount, new releases and pre-orders…everything! You can buy as much or as little as you want, and you can use the coupon code multiple times

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Sneak Peek at The Unaccompanied Widow, and the origins of jeans

Sneak Peek at The Unaccompanied Widow, and the origins of jeans. The chances are really good that you're wearing jeans right now.  Especially since they invented stretch denim, jeans have become ubiquitous.  Nearly everyone wears them as default casual pants, and I would guess (I didn't look this up) that the majority of people in

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New historical suspense and cover reveal!

New historical suspense and cover reveal! I'm getting some marvelous feedback about the Adelaide Becket series, from readers and from professional reviewers, too.  Recently, Spy Guys and Gals reviewed the first two books in the series, stating:  My avocation is spy series and I am always on the lookout for new ones. I was also

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20% off everything is here again

It's the end of April already.  I feel like a stuck record--I tend to exclaim "Oh, it's here already" every month!  These days I’m so busy writing, editing and publishing, that the days roll by faster each month. It's the SRP monthly 20% off sale.  The sale starts today, and ends at midnight MDT

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My Brilliant Idea — Christmas romances!

My Brilliant Idea -- Christmas romances! This is a little bit off center, but it struck me as a great idea. I'm editing a Christmas Romance anthology that will be out in late October.  At the moment, writers are prepping to submit their stories to me. And here's where the brilliant idea comes in. Who

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Two + Two 20% off *Everything* Sale, now starting!

…and we're back to the end of the month.  Lordy, it's scary how fast it comes around. It's the SRP last two days + first two days of the month 20% of Everything sale.  Everything (including pre-orders, boxed sets, literally everything) is on sale for the next four days, ending at midnight MDT on

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Big Ass Ships!

Big Ass Ships! Research for books can lead you into some very strange areas.  Recently I found myself reading up about the monster Transatlantic passenger ships build in the late Victoria and Edwardian periods.  The most famous of those is the HMS Titanic, but the Titanic  was one of the last of the big ships

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