SFR Goodness. Grab it before the deal ends!

SFR Goodness. Grab it before the deal ends! I'm heads down at the moment, on a vicious deadline, so I haven't done anything but sleep for a few days.  But I have garlic going crazy on the shelf by the window! This is before and after   Those were taken 7 days apart! Hope everyone

7 Days Left for SFR and RS Titles.

7 Days Left for SFR and RS Titles.      A quick reminder that these two series will be withdrawn from sale at all retailers except Amazon, even my own site, this time next week. 1) The Endurance series – science fiction romance, and 2) The Go Get ’em Women collection of stories. The book covers, above, are linked

Two Science Fiction Romance Series Firsts On Deep Discount–A Few Days Only!

Two Science Fiction Romance Series Firsts On Deep Discount--A Few Days Only! I have a very short sale on a couple of my science fiction romance books. Both first-in-series, so if you haven't yet tried the series, now you can for little outlay. Both books are only 99c until the 18th Greyson's Doom, Book 1,

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Free SF, F, SFR, PNR!

Free Science Fiction, SFR, Fantasy and PNR. That's a whole lot of wide letters, isn't it? :) If you like your fiction speculative, these are the deals for you. This promo focuses in on space opera, but there's a bit of everything for all SF lovers. Aliens, AI, Adventure Despite the heading, this one also

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PNR & SFR Giveaways.

PNR & SFR Giveaways & Deals. More goodies for July. 120 titles, including fantasy romance. July Fantasy Extravaganza The "hot" in the title is to do with the time of the year, not the books on offer, which are all romance, across all spectrums of heat.  So there will be some super-sexy titles on offer.  If

In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled

In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled Including your poop. Packing food for space travel can be a drain on space and fuel. NASA/Public Domain According to NASA, the only way to off-set the costs and problems with hauling anything into space is through ruthless recycling of everything.  On the space station, everything but feces

Lovers of the Light Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance Giveaway

There's some pretty big names in this giveaway, including C. Gokel, Aurora Springer, Brenda Hyatt... If you like your romances with a solid touch of wonder, have at it! Giveaway ends May 20. Jump to the Lovers of the Light BookFunnel Giveaway Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full

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Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy Romance giveaway – Last 2 Days

Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy Romance Giveaway Last Two Days! As promised, the reminder that this giveaway is closing soon.  - t. Don't let the cover image fool you -- there are SFR novels in this giveaway, including mine. As usual, I'll give you a heads-up just before the giveaway ends, as well, but remember

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