An Innocent Burn With A Bloody History

This post appeared on a blog now long gone, when I was first touring for the release of Bannockburn Binding.  As time travel romances are creeping back into my production schedule, I thought I'd add it here.  -- t. The Battle of Falkirk, reinterpreted for a modern audience. Ignore the kilts--they weren't wearing them then!

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Virtual Time Travel

  It's a murky picture, because the men in the photo are actually throwing their spears at the picture-taker...and they're not actors. This is North Sentinal Island, a remote island in the Bay of Bengal off India.  The residents of the island live a completely isolated hunter-gatherer lifestyle and have done so for what an

Great Outdoors Month

  June is Great Outdoors Month in the USA, which is a great idea.  Everyone tends to head out in June, as soon as the warmer weather kicks in.  Even mole-like people like me appreciate being able to open windows, breathe fresh air and still be warm. I've written many stories that were set mostly

Canadian Military History on Armed Forces Day

Donnie Rosie Today is Armed Forces Day.  Canada's Armed Forces Day isn't a public holiday, although there are parades and fly-bys where there are military bases. There is not a lot of commonly-known history about the Canadian military, and as a new Canadian, I'm still catching up on it.  There is waaay more

The Force and the Apple That Created It

  Many readers like reading science fiction because of the mind-warping sense of scale that future-set stories can create.  You can put a SF book down and feel very humble about the world, and also quite hopeful for the future. But here's a real life, contemporary times scale-warping experience:  Consider the original apple tree that

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Scratch an Itch

Simon Hattinga Verschure I don't listen to podcasts very often, primarily because I'm so busy concentrating on (usually) writing and producing books, that I just can't spare the time to sit and do nothing with my hands while listening to people talk. If I was doing a lot of repetitive activities that didn't

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