Pulse Pause Moments – A Scandal In Belgravia – Sherlock is STILL pausing pulses!

I wrote this post in April 2012 and cannot believe it was six years ago now.   I still remember watching this particular episode of Sherlock, and being blown away by it.   I thought I'd bring it forward, because even though the BBC series is now in hiatus, possibly never to return, the episodes are all much

Pulse Pause Moments – Jugghead??

Pulse Pause Moments - Jugghead?? Jugghead??  I mean...really? Not only was I inveigled into watching Riverdale, but I wasn't at all familiar with the Archie comic books (although I've done a bit of--mostly horrified--reading since then). I can't believe they made a TV series out of Archie comics. Not only that, but the series manages

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Pulse Pause Moments – Outlander Redux

Pulse Pause Moments - Outlander Redux I think everyone considers, at least once in their life, and usually when they're young, the idea of pursuing fame and fortune as a movie star.  I know I did. Lately, though, I have begun to think screen actors have the worst job in the world.  Just to begin,

Pulse Pause Moment: Pemberley Again

Pulse Pause Moment: Pemberley Again Many of the TV series I get to watch are recommended to me by readers who know I'm just as interested in a good story as they are. Also, now Netflix is sending me recommendations, which, given my eclectic tastes, can be fraught. The odd whacky title they've recommended, though,

Pulse Pause Moments – Han Solo

Pulse Pause Moments - Han Solo I don't think it's any sort of secret at all that I was kick-started into writing fiction by the original Star Wars movies, and romance was a lock-in after Han Solo's "I know".  I've written that story in a few places, including here. It would be fair to say

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