Gargoyle Sweat…Delivered.

A few days ago I was talking about how Carson's Night came to be, and promised the full story later. I've updated and re-uploaded the article, "The Blood, Sweat and Gritty-Eyed Truth Behind Carson’s Night", and linked it to the Articles page, which is looking pretty empty right now -- updating and uploading articles will

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RED LEOPARD – Military Romantic Suspense (with a twist) – Free until Sunday

Please take note of the date of this post! If you're reading this somewhere in the future, the book is probably no longer available for free and I don't want you to be disappointed. Check the date line! :) _____________ Red Leopard is the first book in the MF erotic romantic suspense thriller series, The

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American, British, Australian or Canadian, Eh?

I’ve made a standing joke out of the fact that I don’t speak anything but English, but that I’m fluent in Australian, British, Canadian and American. It really isn’t a joke.  As an author of genre fiction, I learned very early on – with my first manuscript, in fact – that I was expected to

Working Notes – What’s Up Round Up: In The Mail, Too.

As I'm quietly and steadily working my way through Blood Stone, and the weekend started out with an empty email in-tray, and nothing moving on Facebook or anywhere else, I thought this was going to be one of those bulletins where I would have nothing to report, except for progress. But Sunday, which is usually

Sherrod Story to Guest Here, Friday December 16th

Sherrod Story will be joining me for an interview/guest post on December 16.  She is a fascinating indie author who writes erotic romances of the interracial contemporary kind, and they have a distinct twist of their own -- a reflection of their author.  Sherrod's blog is absorbing reading all of its own, so I'm really

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