Big news. More Big Changes Coming Up

Big news. More Big Changes Coming Up Bit of a massive news break, and I thought you should all know. Remember back in October last year, when I made the announcement about poor sales driving me to unpublish my books from everywhere, and put them into Kindle Unlimited? If you're new, or missed that post,

Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!)

Change In Facebook Live session times and Ask Me Anything (Really!) Tomorrow, I'm switching things up for a bit. I often get emails expressing regret because the Facebook Live sessions are scheduled at a time when readers can't tune in live. As 2pm MDT on a weekday suits the majority of readers, in all time

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The Official 100.

_HealthyMond . I think I might get used to this.   Monday's Facebook Live session (here and here on YouTube, too, or just click on the embedded video, below) was not nearly the same stress-inducing, get-me-out-of-here experience as the first week.  I actually managed to relax a bit. One of the questions I failed

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So, did you hear David Bowie in your mind when you read the subject line?  <wicked grin> I've just emerged from one of the toughest weeks I've had this year, work-wise.  I let go of my old off-site shopping service, and added self-hosted shopping cart software that is far more flexible and user friendly. It

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Yeah. Me, too. Sorry.

Danir Yangirov Llike countless others, I have to toss my hat into the GDPR ring, too. I'm sure you're totally sick of these notices and re-opt-ins and yaddah-yaddah-yaddah-blah-blah-blah. However, it's part of the new regulation that you be informed of the new standards of privacy and any changes to those practices in the

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Hot News

Elijah O'Donell I just finished sending this week's newsletter.  Are you a subscriber, yet?  You're missing out, if you're not.  And I'm not saying that just to get your email address, either. I kinda shook my head once I hit send, because the whole newsletter was stuffed with deals.  Really.  Seriously, consider this:

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New Historical Romance, Hot RS, Free SFR and Sexy Vampires, too!

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Tell me what you think, so you get to read what you want.

  Check your inbox for this week's newsletter,  "Tell me what you think, so you get to read what you want." This weeks, I'm asking for your feedback, to help shape future book releases.  Also, what do you think about science fiction romance?  Tell me!  Check the newsletter for the survey links. Cheers, .

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