Historical Romance, SFR and RS now released on all retailers!

Historical Romance, SFR and RS now released on all retailers! The next batch of romances have come off Kindle Unlimited and are now available everywhere, including for sale on my site (where you can buy them at discount -- more on that in a moment). Victorian Era Historical Romance Scandalous Scions series Rules of Engagement

Big news. More Big Changes Coming Up

Big news. More Big Changes Coming Up Bit of a massive news break, and I thought you should all know. Remember back in October last year, when I made the announcement about poor sales driving me to unpublish my books from everywhere, and put them into Kindle Unlimited? If you're new, or missed that post,

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!

Launch Alert! A New Massive Box Set for a Limited Time Massive Discount!   I've been getting a lot of recipes! Thank you for those! I'll be sorting through them for the next few weeks. Here's one that sounds like a never-fail, using pantry ingredients only. For the gluten free crowd, I would swap out

I Hit #1 *and* #2 Spots on Amazon!

  Is that not a beautiful sight? It's certainly the first time it's happened to me -- even in this "tiny" category! Check out Degree of Solitude here, and Rules of Engagement here.   Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  4 full novels free.  Sign up below. [More details here]

Victoria Day 2016

For Canadians, today is a public holiday celebrating Queen Victoria and her reign. As of October last year, Victoria is no longer the longest reigning English monarch.  Queen Elizabeth II has now claimed that record, and Victoria Day is also a celebration of her birthday (which is actually in April). Victoria Day is the oldest

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News – July 13, 2015

A quick round-up of new and notables: Scribd. Screwd. I've been exchanging emails with a number of readers who are pretty pissed about Scribd's decision to yank most of the romance and erotica titles from their line-up. For romance readers who read voraciously, price is critical.  So subscription services like Scribd are a god-send. If

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The Battle of Trafalfar – English Supremacy, But Not the End of the War

The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory, oil on canvas painting by JMW Turner, c. 1806, Tate Britain The Napoleonic Wars was a miserable twelve years of almost constant fighting between England and France, which ended in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, when Napoleon was

EVA’S LAST DANCE – MF Vampire Romance – Now only 99¢

Eva's Last Dance is a short, hot MF Vampire romance, and part of the Short Paranormals collection. I've just dropped the price down to why-resist? price of 99¢. Get it while it's, well, hot. _______ Nearly one hundred years after their last dance together Eva’s long lost love, Edward, makes contact again.  Eva—lonely and a

Sherlock Holmes and Free Paranormal for the Weekend.

We’ve all seen Sherlock Holmes on television and the big screen clashing with Moriarty and solving apparently unsolvable problems in Victorian London, and now the twenty-first century. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though, did cast an unstoppable problem for Holmes – he called it “The Final Problem” and in the original story, both Moriarty and Holmes

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