Multiple Release Week Deals!

Multiple Release Week Deals! I'm in love with my characters again. It doesn't always happen with every book, and sometimes, I get invested in a secondary character, who won't shut up, and end up giving him his own story. The only problem with writing in a series set in a universe that is as well

Wash Your Hands, Dammit!

Wash Your Hands, Dammit! It's pretty common and far easier to think of the "Victorian Era" as one unchanging snapshot in time, where the women wore pretty things and the men were all gentlemen and lords. The Victorian era, though, lasted 64 years, from 20 June, 1837 until Queen Victoria's death on 22 January, 1901​.  In

Have You Reached That Time When The World Stops Seeing You?

I know more than a few men read my blogs and emails. For you, this post may make you scratch your head. Perhaps not--I know this happens to men, too, but usually far later in life. For women, it happens far, far earlier. I'm talking about disappearing from view. I remember when it began to

Too Ugly To Show You.

Unlike most of the heroes in Romanceland, Daniel, the hero of Degree of Solitude, is a scarred "monster" that hides away in the wilds of Wales. When I explained his general appearance to Dar Albert, the cover artist who designs nearly all my covers, I knew it would be a challenge to make him both hideous

Now, we’re getting somewhere…!

I enjoy writing all my books, of course, but this one in particular made me look forward to getting up in the morning and heading for my desk. Although it was a logistical nightmare to plot and write! Now we're getting further into the saga, many of the characters you've heard of before are starting

Season of Denial is now available for pre-order on Amazon (at last!)

I've had readers pelt me with virtual olives, for not allowing them to pre-order from Amazon at the same time every else gets to pre-order from B&N, Kobo and iTunes.  This is not actually something I can control.  I'm not being mean.  Amazon doesn't allow authors to set up pre-orders earlier than 90 days before

National PTSD Awareness Day (and Month)

Today is the USA annual event, National PTSD Awareness Day. As a PTSD victim myself (and now fully recovered), I wanted to pause to acknowledge those who currently struggle with the disorder.  It is most common among military personnel, but it can strike assault victims and victims of other traumas, too. It can be an

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Heart of Vengeance Free on Kobo For A Short Time.

For Kobo readers, Kobo are running a free title promotion for a few days, for Mysteries and Thrillers. My book, Heart of Vengeance, is part of the promotion, which looks odd at first.  However, despite having "historical romance" slathered all over it the novel is, in fact, a romantic suspense that also happens to be set

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Tell me what you think, so you get to read what you want.

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