The Ten Best Romantic Moments In Film History

The Ten Best Romantic Moments In Film History Another lost-but-recovered post! - t. [First appeared as a post in May 2009 on this site] I joined a new romantic sub-genre email group last week, and got a  strange silence when I happened to mention that I thought one of the  most electrifying romantic moments in

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It Might Read Better In Klingon

It Might Read Better In Klingon HEART OF VENGEANCE (GERMAN EDITION) This post first appeared on the blog on July 12, 2010.  Since then, the post has been lost.  As it's interesting, and even more relevant today, I'm bringing it forward. -- t. One of my books, Heart of Vengeance, was released in

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100 Books Goodies

100 Books Goodies Along with the huge giveaway I spoke about , I've also arranged some great mugs and tee shirts and hoodies to mark the occasion. Here's some samples: Here's the full artwork, so you can see it in detail (which the product images don't really do justice to). Mark managed to get every single

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Massive 124 prizes, $2,650 Value Giveaway!

The release of my Official 100th Book is just a month away.   The 100th book is Inside Man, Book 2 of the Project Kobra romantic thriller series, which released on July 25th. To celebrate the milestone, I have a month of goodies, gifts and this massive giveaway, which will close on release day, and be announced

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Back By Popular Demand

Back By Popular Demand! I've had a lot of emails and Facebook PMs asking me about the Facebook Live sessions, which I had let slide unnoticed over the horizon. Apparently, everyone misses them. So, to celebrate the launch of High King of Britain, I'll hold a chat on Facebook tonight at 6pm MDT (timezone conversion here).

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Fool. I’ll always come back…

I haven't made it very secret that my favourite heroes are Brody and Veris. That might leave you with the impression that I don't care for any of the other heroes I've created, which isn't true at all. But I did overlook one of them and took him for granted for a very long time. Lemme explain

Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords.

Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords. We love to adore the red-coated soldiers parading through our historical romances -- just think of Rupert Friend in Pride & Prejudice, or the dashing military friends in Four Feathers. But life in the military wasn't fun. Not even for the officers. Prepare to learn some not so romantic facts about

Pi Day

International Excuse To Eat Pie Day   Actually, it really is Pi Day - a worldwide celebration of everything mathematical. As a self-confessed anal geek, I can't let the day pass without a mention.  Even if it is to urge you to grab some pie and spare a thought for how mathematics shapes the world we

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Why Your Coffee Sucks (And What To Do About It)

Why Your Coffee Sucks (And What To Do About It) I have been a shift leader at a Starbucks store, and I've trained baristas.  I've learned how to "taste" coffee, and I figured I was pretty knowledgeable about coffee. We buy organic, free trade beans, grind them ourselves as we need them, and never put them

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