Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords.

Military Careers When Soldiers Wore Swords. We love to adore the red-coated soldiers parading through our historical romances -- just think of Rupert Friend in Pride & Prejudice, or the dashing military friends in Four Feathers. But life in the military wasn't fun. Not even for the officers. Prepare to learn some not so romantic facts about

Pi Day

International Excuse To Eat Pie Day   Actually, it really is Pi Day - a worldwide celebration of everything mathematical. As a self-confessed anal geek, I can't let the day pass without a mention.  Even if it is to urge you to grab some pie and spare a thought for how mathematics shapes the world we

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Why Your Coffee Sucks (And What To Do About It)

Why Your Coffee Sucks (And What To Do About It) I have been a shift leader at a Starbucks store, and I've trained baristas.  I've learned how to "taste" coffee, and I figured I was pretty knowledgeable about coffee. We buy organic, free trade beans, grind them ourselves as we need them, and never put them

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It’s our birthday and anniversary, so you get the goodies.

It's our birthday and anniversary, so you get the goodies. If you've been a subscriber for a while, you might already be aware that today is my birthday, my husband's birthday, our wedding anniversary and also the anniversary of the day we met. No one in our house has any excuse for forgetting anything. We

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Happy Valentine’s?

Happy Valentine's? I hesitated to write this post.  On the one hand, Valentine's Day is the epitome of marketing perfection.  It wouldn't be a day, if a bunch of marketers hadn't pushed it in the first place, and marketers ever since haven't leapt on it as the perfect excuse to push everything from card and roses

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Ground Hog Day and Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Ground Hog Day and Ice Cream For Breakfast Day These two "days" would have to be two of the most fun annual observances out there.  I've written about them before (here and here), but that was years ago, so I thought I'd salute again. Enjoy your icecream as you watch for the ground hog's shadow. 

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Lose yourself in our planet’s beauty with the winners of Wiki Loves Earth

Satchari National Park, Photo by Abdul Momin, CC BY-SA 4.0.   I am a long time financial supporter of, and recently, as a thank you, I was sent a sneak preview of their photo competition.  The winners are every bit as good as some of the stunning National Geographic photography, and worthy

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Don’t do Facebook? How not to miss out!

On Facebook, on Monday, we had a rolling, roiling discussion about print versus ebooks, and how to maximize your book collection. Lots of differing opinions...including mine! I had an eye opener regarding print and ebooks recently, which I shared in the discussion. One of the viewers/commentors was US Today Best Selling romance author Laurann Dohner, a complete

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