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Flash Fiction Tuesday: The Well of Rnomath

  I thought I'd try something a bit different for a bit.  There's quite a few writers I know who write "in public" -- they post what they produce on their blogs, for readers to react to.  Wattpad is the grand collective of this idea.  For writers who are unsure of their craft, or for

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Today is–Get This–International Wikipedia Day

I don't know about you, but I use Wikipedia all the freaking time.  It's great for quick fact checks, it never out-dates* like a printed encyclopedia would, and it always scratches my rather large and eclectic curiousity. So when I tripped over the fact that it was International Wikipedia Day today, I just had to give the

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National Braille Day

  Today is national Braille day and I thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge Braille, as for nearly a hundred years it has provided blind people with a way to read. Braille was invented in 1824 by Louise Braille, a Frenchman who lost his sight when he was a child.  He built Braille to

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The GOOD Things About 2016

I thought the passing of Carrie Fisher was really the topper of the year, but no -- her mother, Debbie Reynolds, passed the very next day. Well before Carrie Fisher's death, people were already saying what a horrible year 2016 had been for unexpected deaths of celebrities, unexpected political outcomes, depressed sales, and much more.  My

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Audiobooks – The Great Dilemma

At least a couple of years ago, a reader -- let's call her Sue -- contacted me and asked in fairly demanding tones why I didn't offer all my books as audiobooks. I politely replied that it was an expensive undertaking for indie authors, although producing audiobooks was on my list of things to do.  (It

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Amazon Go

Amazon is always innovating, but this one left me a little wide-eyed. If they franchise this, it will revolutionize shopping in brick and mortar stores.   It would make shopping for books very dangerous indeed.  (It's already high risk -- that one-click button is a freaking disaster!) (...and I would have put the cake back.)

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