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How Do *You* Find More Time to Read More Books…?

Monday's FB Live was a bit of a disaster, as I couldn't see comments.  I still don't know why that happened, but I felt like I was talking to a vacuum.  It's surprising how much difference your comments make. One of the things I was ​going​ to cover was a general discussion of ways to find

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Read more books by deliberately…well…reading.

If you've been following my blog posts for a while, it is probably not a big shock to you if I tell you that I am subscribed to several productivity blogs. One of them, Zen Habits, recently put up a post about deliberately scheduling reading time into your day. If you've never deliberately schedule something that

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Join My Kiss Across Time Reading Group–as we read up to the release of the next Kiss book!

  On Tuesday, the first official week of the new Kiss Across Time Reading Group gets underway. For the next few months, we will be reading the next book in the Kiss Across Time series every two weeks, leading up to the release of the brand new Book 8, Kiss Across Tomorrow, in November.  (If

Price Too High Wishlist

Do you have a "price too high" wishlist where you buy your books? Amazon in particular will let you create multiple wishlists, both for the public to view and for you to keep to your own little self. Goodreads will let you shelve books in groups you get to name, so creating a list there

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What Makes a Book a Book?

During 2017, a discussion via my newsletter and email from various readers alerted me to the confusion over book lengths and what makes a book a book, or a novel a novel. Novels and books are not interchangeable terms, anymore, although they used to be. A “novel” is a preset wordcount range that defines a

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Why Authors Let You Down

I’ve been sharply reminded this week of the constant tension that thrums between creatives and consumers – or, to be blunt—the writer and the reader.  You. (For this post, “consumer” is not merely someone who buys products.  I use the word to refer to anyone who consumes what creatives produce.  Consumers are viewers and listeners,

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How to Write Reader Reviews

  When I first created my Street Team, I wrote for new members a guide on how to write reader reviews.  Of course, it hadn't occurred to me that many readers love reading but are completely freaked out at the idea of writing, especially their own thoughts and feelings.  That's generally not an issue for

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Happy Aussie Day

It's Australia Day here for me, but it's all over bar the shouting in Australia. Hope the fireworks were good! Cheers, . Get the news that no one else does. Sign up for my newsletter. For a short while, you get a bundle of ebooks, free, when you sign up, as a Starter

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