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What’s the Best eReader for Your Books

What's the Best eReader for Your Books? Time was, the easiest answer to this would be "the reader your bookseller sells".  If you bought your books on Amazon, you bought a Kindle.  If you bought your books on B&N, a Nook was your go-to.  Kobo sells Kobo reading devices and so on. Only, it isn't

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Don’t do Facebook? How not to miss out!

On Facebook, on Monday, we had a rolling, roiling discussion about print versus ebooks, and how to maximize your book collection. Lots of differing opinions...including mine! I had an eye opener regarding print and ebooks recently, which I shared in the discussion. One of the viewers/commentors was US Today Best Selling romance author Laurann Dohner, a complete

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New Year Resolutions, Romanceland Style

If you overindulged last night, you have my commiserations.  As a non-drinker (I'm allergic to alcohol), I have the advantage of naturally avoiding miserable January Firsts.  :) Happy New Year, no matter what your state! It has become old-fashioned to talk about New Year Resolutions anymore.  Science and research have shown that almost no one

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Reading More Books, Keeping Your FitBit Happy, and more.

Monday's Facebook live session was a doozy. 1) Comments worked!  I cannot tell you how awkward it felt, the week before, when I couldn't see everyone's comments. I had not realized how much the FB live sessions were a two-way street until then. So I was very relieved when the first comment showed up. (I think that

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How Do *You* Find More Time to Read More Books…?

Monday's FB Live was a bit of a disaster, as I couldn't see comments.  I still don't know why that happened, but I felt like I was talking to a vacuum.  It's surprising how much difference your comments make. One of the things I was ​going​ to cover was a general discussion of ways to find

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Read more books by deliberately…well…reading.

If you've been following my blog posts for a while, it is probably not a big shock to you if I tell you that I am subscribed to several productivity blogs. One of them, Zen Habits, recently put up a post about deliberately scheduling reading time into your day. If you've never deliberately schedule something that

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Join My Kiss Across Time Reading Group–as we read up to the release of the next Kiss book!

  On Tuesday, the first official week of the new Kiss Across Time Reading Group gets underway. For the next few months, we will be reading the next book in the Kiss Across Time series every two weeks, leading up to the release of the brand new Book 8, Kiss Across Tomorrow, in November.  (If

Price Too High Wishlist

Do you have a "price too high" wishlist where you buy your books? Amazon in particular will let you create multiple wishlists, both for the public to view and for you to keep to your own little self. Goodreads will let you shelve books in groups you get to name, so creating a list there

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