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CAT AND COMPANY (Interspace Origins: Book 3)
A Science Fiction Romance

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“…the characters and story are so captivating that I can not stop reading!” — Starr Leeman

Can Bedivere win Cat back?

Bedivere is trapped in a snare of drugs and violence, deep in the bowels of the galaxy, while Catherine works with Devlin Woodward, who campaigns tirelessly for Varkan rights.  Devlin’s great deeds make him the most influential man in the known worlds.

When human and Varkan life is shattered by the emergence of the Periglus from the Silent Sector and their ruthless annexation of human worlds, Devlin’s Varkan allies may be the only people who can save the galaxy.

Can Bedivere claw his way back to civilization and win Catherine back, despite the Periglus, Devlin’s power and Bedivere’s own flawed humanity?


“…a great read! Tracy had me on the edge until the very end. I kept guessing the ending but she once again surprised me!” — Bernadette