BUT NOW I SEE (The Indigo Reports: Story 1.1)
Space Opera Novelette

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Excitement PLUS! – we are immediately drawn into a high drama situation with some very interesting characters.


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It’s wonderful to read the conclusion of this little story: the great importance of the family for all humans, whether they live on Earth or in another dimension.

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I can’t help admiring Tracy more and more for each of her amazing stories.

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This is a fast paced short story which sets the stage for Bellona’s future exploits. Definitely worth the read. This is a great series.

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So good! Tracy continues to amaze! This story fills in some details for the other stories in this series. You have to read it.

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A lethal cat and mouse game.

To pay off a long-standing debt, Tatiana Wang, captain of the freeship Hathaway, takes aboard a politically high-risk passenger. When the Hathaway is caught by the Karassian military’s flagship, led by the biocomp captain Yishmeray, “high risk” becomes “deadly.”

The But Now I See novelette is part of the Indigo Reports space opera series by award-winning SF author Tracy Cooper-Posey.

The Indigo Reports series:
0.5 Flying Blind
1.0 New Star Rising
1.1 But Now I See
2.0 Suns Eclipsed
3.0 Worlds Beyond

Space Opera Science Fiction Novelette

This title has been withdrawn from sale, and will be shortly republished under the Cameron Cooper pen name.  Visit Cam’s site for more details.


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But Now I See
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