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BUT NOW I SEE (The Indigo Reports: Story 1.1)
Space Opera Novelette

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True SciFi is a magnificent world to enter and this is just the beginning of what I know will be a great series.


Freeship Hathaway.  Cardenas Extended Spacezone.

The second time Maximilian Cardenas Scordini de Deluca stepped onto Captain Tatiana Wang’s bridge, he left as deep an impression as the first, but they were very different impressions.

Someone has beaten experience into him lately, Tatiana thought.  She held still as the Eriuman lieutenant came toward her, his stride across the steel plating of the bridge deck sure and even.

Everyone on the bridge had grown still, warily watching Lieutenant Cardenas approach their captain.  Ruh stood stiffly just in front and to one side of Tatiana, his arms crossed and his legs spread.  He was in full protection mode, but he did not attempt to stop Cardenas when the taller man moved passed him.  Cardenas didn’t even look at Ruh.

Cardenas was not wearing his pretty purple uniform with the gold braid and ribbons.  Instead, his jacket was simple and dark, the trousers even darker.  The shirt beneath had no collar, was soiled and rumpled, and looked like he had been wearing it for days.  His chin was dark with growth.  Fatigue pulled at his black eyes and made his shoulders slump.

His gaze was still direct, though.  He remained the priveleged son of Erium even though his life had clearly not be easy or pleasant lately.

When the woman stepped out from behind Cardenas, Tatiana was only surprised it was a female accompanying Cardenas. The skiff Ruh had maneouvred into the cargo bay with the grappling beams had been small, and scans had told them there were two people aboard.

Tatiana spotted blood on the woman’s long skirt and silky shirt, beneath the oversized male jacket only just hanging on her shoulders.  The woman had the Eriuman black hair and eyes and the dark olive skin.  Her skin glowed with care and good health.  Tatiana also spotted the familial features—the similarity to Maximillian Cardenas in her dark, direct gaze and the determined chin.  With a jolt, Tatiana realized who this must be:  The sister the lieutenant had spoken of, when they had first met.  The woman whose influence had made him let Tatiana and her family go, despite Eriuman policy.


So much story!! So much promise!! This will keep my inner nerd happy.” –Amazon reader