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BookFunnel Promos! In fantasy, there are a lot of different words for little people.  They have a totally different gnomenclature. A real mixed bag today, with a lot of different end dates. The first giveaway ends on February 21 -- only six days in total, so don't miss it. The Thrillers & Suspense sale ends

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one shortie, two month-long

BookFunnel Promos! So Mark put up a map of the world the other day, and handed me a dart. “Throw this. Wherever it lands we’re taking a trip there after the pandemic ends.” Turns out we’re spending two weeks behind the fridge. The first in today's promos starts today, but closes on the 20th (one

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The first truly new series in *two years*.

The first truly new series in two years. I gotta admit, I had a lot of fun writing The Requisite Courage. Those of you who are subscribed to either the romantic suspense channel or the historical romance channel already know the long, convoluted reasons why I structured the new series the way I did, and

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SFR Freebies!

BookFunnel Promos! I was going to add a joke about the cold, except it's no joke.  The weather as I write this: I hope you're all staying warm.  And if you're in the southern hemisphere, I hope you're staying cool! This promo ends on March 20, and features SF including books with romance in them.

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SFR, PNR, Vampires!

BookFunnel Promos! I was confused why there are so many stories about vampires in Europe, but not in Africa. Then I remembered that vampires are killed by holy water. They bless the rains down in Africa. And now I've stuck that song in your head for the day, good morning!! :) This is a real

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