SFR, PNR, Vampires!

BookFunnel Promos! I was confused why there are so many stories about vampires in Europe, but not in Africa. Then I remembered that vampires are killed by holy water. They bless the rains down in Africa. And now I've stuck that song in your head for the day, good morning!! :) This is a real

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20% of Absolutely Everything, 4 days only.

Holy carpal tunnel!  Febuary is right around the corner! We authors at Stories Rule Press are running our 20% off sale once more.  This is a chance for you to massively save on your fiction. You can get 20% off everything in the store, even if it's already discounted, including all boxed sets and

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PNR 4 Day Blast.

BookFunnel Promos! This PNR promo starts today and ends on Sunday--four days only. FYI! Because it is so short, I won't be sending out a last-days heads-up. Check them out here! Cheers, . Take my stories on a test run.  Free selection of stories.  Sign up below. [More details here]

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PNR and SFR and Fantasy!

BookFunnel Promos! This new promo ends on February 23. A reader asked me what "spec fic" meant. It's short for Speculative Fiction, which is what this promo includes. Speculative fiction is any fiction with a speculative (i.e. not realistic) element in it. The two genres generally included in spec fic are science fiction and fantasy.

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