What I did instead of writing, yesterday.  Which is unusual.  My usual form of procrastination is reading about productivity…  (I know! — Ironic, huh?)



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  1. Dina Bushrod October 14, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    I think this is soo funny. You want us to see how nice and tidy you are when you work, and to me it was before you straightened up, so you show us how untidy it was before. Well that just totally destroys our vision of how you work. Yep, cause I thought you’d have a lot more stuff all over your office from the research you do for your books; but no it looked like everything has its own nook and cranny. So now it looks more organized, which I guess appropriately matches your the amount of work you put out, but doesn’t look as spontaneous as I thought a person who writes and anything and everything, would look like. Let us now how long this tidy version stays this way.

    • Tracy Cooper-Posey October 14, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      Hi Dina:

      Thing is, all my research is stored electronically. That’s why I have two monitors and terabytes worth of storage. And why OneNote runs my life. The other side of the room (that you didn’t see) has all that remains of my physical books. Over the years, I have replaced them all with electronic versions. I learned the hard way when I moved from Australia that books are NOT universal and replaceable. There are books I still have not replaced, that I sold before I left Oz.

      So I now make sure everything is portable and accessible–even if the house burns down, I’ll still have it all.

      When I’m in the process of making something, though, it gets messy around the work table. 🙂



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