It’s my birthday/wedding anniversary week, so that’s the excuse I’ll use for dropping deals left, right and centre!

Kobo are having a 40% off sale on a whole bunch of titles, including Thrilling Affair, which is my four novel boxed set of romantic thrillers.

The boxed set is already a 40%+ discount on buying each book individually (normal retail is $9.99 USD).  The Kobo promo code takes an additional 40% off.

Considering there is nearly 1,200 pages in the set, that’s a real deal.

The code for Kobo is 40SALEand you can browse the books that are included in the sale here.

If you aren’t a Kobo customer, and would like to take advantage of the deal anyway, contact me directly and ask for a coupon code for my site.

Kobo’s deal and mine both expire after February 26th, 2018.  Act now!


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