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A quick reminder that these two series will be withdrawn from sale at all retailers except Amazon, even my own site, this time next week.

1) The Endurance series – science fiction romance, and

2) The Go Get ’em Women collection of stories.

The book covers, above, are linked to the books’ pages, where you can find excerpts, reviews and buying information.

A Recap

If this is the first that you have heard about the Kindle Unlimited transition, I have complete details in a post you can find on my site, here.

Dates to be aware of.

The two series will be removed from sale at all non-Amazon book sites on December 20th

Depending on how fast the books are unpublished at those sites, my intention is to enroll them in Kindle Unlimited on or before December 28th

Subscribers to my email list will receive notification at all points of the transition process.  They will also receive a discount coupon for the purchase of any of the above books, before the expiry date.

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