Kobo are running a Victoria Day Weekend sale between May 17 and May 21, 2018, and offering some very deep discounts.

One of those is for my boxed set of the Stonebrood Saga series, Hearts of Stone.


The entire Stonebrood Saga in one special volume, including the bonus novelette, Pay the Ferryman!

1.0:  Carson’s Night
2.0:  Beauty’s Beasts
2.1:  Harvest of Holidays*
2.2:  Unbearable*
3.0:  Sabrina’s Clan
3.1:  Pay the Ferryman*
3.5:  Hearts of Stone (Series Boxed Set)

*A Stony Stories tale:  Short stories featuring the characters and situations from the Stonebrood Saga

Warning:  These stories feature multiple super hot alpha vampire heroes, plus sex scenes that include anal sex, MM sexual play and MMF sex.  Do not read this series if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No vampires or demon hunters came to harm in the making of this series.  Gargoyles have been added to the official hunt list, however…

Vampire gargoyle urban fantasy romance stories.

Praise for the Stonebrood Saga

A new world full of action, mysterious sexy men and stubborn heroines that will sure have readers desiring more and more of.  Book Lovers Inc.

Delightfully wicked and erotic. I loved every minute of it.  Don’t miss out on this was a wonderful read. Night Owl Reviews

Vividly captivating paranormal thriller that is infused with edgy suspense, dark passion and an extreme emotional depth that immediately grabs the reader and never lets go!   The Romance Studio

A paranormal lover’s wicked delightLiterary Nymphs


If you were to buy each book in the series individually, it would cost you $14.96USD/$19.13CAD.

Normal Retail for the boxed set is $12.99USD/$16.61CAD (and Kobo normally sell it for $17.99).  This is almost a 30% discount on the full retail of the entire series.

For this weekend only, however, the boxed set is selling for $4.99CAD, which is a massive discount, I think you will agree.

The catch?  It is for Canadians and Canadian residents only.  Sorry, rest of the world!

If you’re a Canuck and would like to take advantage of the deal, jump over to the Kobo site, and scroll on the front page for the Victoria Day Weekend Sale banner.  Click on that and go shopping.

If you’re left in the cold on this one, and you’d like to check out the series, anyway, head here.


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