Binge Reading

I’ve become fascinated by the phenomenon of binge TV watching lately. I mistakenly thought I was the only story-addict who sat up until the small hours of the morning watching episode after episode of an entire season of a particularly good TV show. Fringe is the first show I ever did that with, years and

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My Top 12 Paranormal/Fantasy TV Series Ever (for now)

This is a purely personal list – I haven’t watched every show out there (time!!!), and none of these are reality shows or documentaries.  (Story Rules!) But these are ones I’ve loved and adored.  They’re not in any particular order. Being Human (UK) Being Human was fantastic for three seasons.  Aidan Turner, whom most paranormal

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Erotic Romance on TV and Film – It’s a Trade Off

Drama on TV has become edgier and more absorbing by the minute these days.  They're pushing the envelope every year in terms of storylines, and once you move beyond the big four Mom & Pop networks, anything goes in terms of content. That's not to say it's gratuitous, but production companies use the lack of