The Most UNLIKELY Setting For A Thriller

'tis the season for all things taut and thrilling. Lately, I've been writing a lot of romantic suspense.  Actually, I should say, I'm getting back to writing a lot of suspense thrillers.  For readers who have only just stumbled over my stories in the recent past, it seems like a new genre for me, but it's

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The Big Freaking Dude

When I first wrote Terror Stash, it didn’t have a romance in it at all. I wasn’t entirely sure I was even going to publish it under my own name. It was a straight thriller, not set in North America, but did feature an American heroine. It was set in the obscure and little-known area

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Margaret River – A Perfect Place to Get Lost

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is the most remote city in the world, at the southern end of the biggest state in Australia.  Even further south, tucked away at the far southern toe of the state, inside a national park, is a small former timber-town; Margaret River. Because hardly anyone ever goes to Perth

Caves – Some of the World’s Most Naturally Creepy Places

Paranormal romance fans understand creepy.  They like creepy.  A little bit, anyway. But creepy, in paranormal terms, is something that is manufactured by ghouls, goblins, demons and spirits…and authors with very good imaginations. Caves, though…caves in their natural state are the creepiest and most frightening places you can find, and you don’t need a souped-up

Eight Things You Should Know About Caden Rawn

Caden Rawn is the hero of my romantic thriller, Terror Stash, and he’s a fascinating character, if you can just drag your gaze away from the flexing abdominals for a moment or two. But there’s a reason for the freakishly fit body and layer upon layer of muscles.  That reason I’ll leave for you to

The Surfing World – A Little Microcosm Of Its Own

Surfing long ago transitioned from a groovy ‘60s and ‘70s long-haired past time into an international high-stakes, high-money sport attracting some of the world’s most highly paid and talented athletes.  Sponsors like Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Hurley, Quicksilver, Hang Ten, Kahlua and many more, pay millions of dollars to support surfers, provide gear, travel, accessories

Why Set a Thriller in Western Australia?

The Story Behind Terror Stash The smart answer is:  Why not?  There’s been stranger places that quite excellent thriller have been set in, including runaway best sellers.  A classic that springs to mind is Running Blind, a 1970s espionage novel by English thriller writer Desmond Bagley, which was set in Iceland.  Not only did the

On The Road – Last Stop – Nocturn Romance Reads

I'm at Nocturne Romance Reads today.  This is the last tour stop for the blog tour for Terror Stash and your last chance to pick up a book from the romantic thriller collection. I'm talking about surfers, over at Nocturne, and I mention that Terror Stash is the second book I've written where I cameo

On the Road – I’m at Book Monster Reviews Today

Today I'm the guest of Book Monster Reviews as part of the book tour for Terror Stash. Interestingly, this is the first time ever in all the years I've been doing blog tours for my books, that I've been handed a topic to write about.  And the topic?  Ah, well, I'm not going to give

On the Road – I’m at Smexy Books Today

Today I'm at Smexy Books, talking about one or two of Australia's best kept secrets, and my latest romantic thriller release, Terror Stash.  Guess where that is set? No prizes for guessing right, but you do stand to win a copy of Dead Double over at Smexy. ;) _____________