Luke Cage…Mmmm.

  If you haven't caught up with the Netflix original series, Luke Cage, yet, then you might want to.  It ties up a few loose ends from both Daredevil and Jessica Jones.  There's also hints that the combined Defenders series is coming up really soon.  The Defenders are, basically, the Avengers, but way more grounded

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Pulse Pause Moments: Wolverine

I don't know if I've posted a Pulse Pause post about Wolverine (or Hugh Jackman) before, but even if I have, I figure he's worth a repeat. The release of Wolverine, which is the "Japan story" that the comic book fans have been drooling over for years, prompted us to trek through all the X-Men

Pulse Pause Moments – The Good Wife

Like we do with most TV series, we delayed getting hooked on The Good Wife until it was in its fourth season. Even then, we nearly abandoned it after a few episodes as it failed to grab us straight away. This would have to be one of the most "sleeper" series I've ever ran across.