Heading Off For A Bit.

  I've been keeping a blog for over a decade, on an off.  The older posts were lost to site moves, although many of them were saved as articles, which you can find on the Articles pages.  I've blogged about heart-stopping heroes, annual events and anything historical that tickled my fancy. I've also had hiatuses,

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Newsletter…Blog. Potato/Poh-tah-to?

How not to miss out on deals and freebies. I got an interesting email from a reader the other day, wondering where she could find the pre-order promotion for Blood Revealed. I swapped a few emails with her while I tried to figure out why she hadn't received the special offer. Then the penny dropped. 

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New Book Releases Announcement List

I've waffled between paid newsletter services and doing-it-myself for over a decade. The last time I used a paid service I was about ready to kick heads in by the time I pulled the plug -- not just because I found the service so frustrating, but because I also discovered, quite by fortuitous accident, that