The Meaning of Traditions—to you.

When most people think of "traditions", they're thinking of society-wide customs and habits that become ingrained over years and generations. The holiday season is a good example, for it is stuffed full of traditions. But traditions can be more personal and often, far more significant. For instance, a personal tradition of mine is to step

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Kudos to Thorin (At Last!)

I finally got to see the last installment in The Hobbit trilogy. Man, oh man! I would like to say that I’m officially a fan of Thorin Oakenshield. You might remember I’ve been creeping up on Thorin for a couple of years now. But the ending of the movie completely threw me. It’s been thirty

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PULSE PAUSE MOMENTS – Richard Armitage…again.

I know I've raved about the majestic Thorin Oakenshield before. I was given a copy of the director's extended cut of The Hobbit - An Unexpected Adventure for Christmas, and so far, I've watched the movie and 45% of the incredible and fascinating special effects. I was reacquainted again with the deep, sexy, smooth baritone

My Top 5 Most Influential Authors

I grew up without a television and in a tiny little wheatbelt town that didn't have any kids my own age in it  -- there were only five houses and the one other house that had kids, the kids were all boys. So I read.  A lot. Keeping this list to just five major influencers